Find Your Premature Ejaculation Cure by Identifying the Underlying Cause

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation do not only suffer in the bedroom.  The effects of the condition can take a toll on all aspects of their life, most notable in their intimate relationships.  Premature ejaculation can be rough on a man’s self esteem.  Part of being a man in our society hinges on satisfying your partner sexually, and premature ejaculation can make satisfying your partner a real challenge.  Even the most rock solid of relationships can take a nosedive if sexual satisfaction is problem for long, and premature ejaculation can really make your partner’s satisfaction a seldom thing.  Premature ejaculation does not just refer to men who have a problem with ejaculating before their penis is in their partner’s vagina; premature ejaculation is also any time that a man reaches orgasm before their partner, or simply before they are ready and choose to ejaculate.  When premature ejaculation is a problem, there are three main possible causes to investigate when choosing what form of treatment to pursue.

1.    Psychological Causes – Increased anxiety about sexual performance can actually cause performance issues, creating a vicious cycle.  Once premature ejaculation has happened even just once, a man is much more likely to worry about it happening again, and ironically that worry can cause performance anxiety or sexual “stage fright”, leading his worst bedroom fears to come true.  Sometimes a man who has suffered from premature ejaculation worries about not being able to satisfy his partner, or even fears that he will not be able to maintain an erection long enough for either participant to enjoy the intimacy.
2.    Learned Psychological Behavior – For some men, premature ejaculation is directly linked to past sexual behavior, sometimes going back as far as his first sexual experiences as a teenager. When he first discovered masturbation, it may have seemed like unacceptable behavior for him and so, he might have rushed in order to not be caught during the act. This is also true when he became sexually active, especially if this happened when he lived with his parents and did not want anyone to know about his sexual habits. Maybe it is deeper, emotionally, and the man feels that his partner would belittle him if he wasn’t able to satisfy her. She might feel that this makes him “less” of a man. Even if this would not be the partner’s reaction, the fear of it would be enough to cause the man to not be able to perform the way he wanted.
3.    Physiological – The male body itself can cause P.E. symptoms also. For example, if serotonin levels drop, sensitivity in the penis can increase, making the penis easily enough stimulated to produce an early climax.
No matter what the cause, premature ejaculation should be identified and treated with the proper methods. A premature ejaculation cure is available, and you are not the only one suffering with this condition. You can find techniques that help you with your premature ejaculation condition, and your partner will be happy that you did!

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