Increasing Sexual Stamina- Why So Important?

If you find that you are able to achieve an orgasm in the bedroom long before your partner does, you may want to consider increasing sexual stamina in order to satisfy you both! It can truly become a problem that both you and your partner are afflicted with if you can’t seem to last long enough during sex to please her as well. It is a problem that can turn any solid relationship into a thing of the past if it isn’t addressed somewhere down the line and it should be dealt with sooner than later. If you are among the many men who have problems satisfying your woman, don’t despair as not only are you not alone, there is help!

Most men aren’t happy with the fact that they seem to come before their partners do, and I can assure you that the ladies they are with can relate to those feelings. Being able to satisfy your woman is a huge ego boost but beyond that, it helps to maintain a healthy, pleasurable sex life. While sex isn’t the ONLY thing that holds a relationship together, it’s an extremely important aspect and if only one person is being satisfied in the bedroom that means the other isn’t, and that’s no fun at all!

It’s a scientific fact that it takes a woman much longer to achieve orgasm than it does her male counterpart. Recent studies show that on average, it takes about 11 minutes of stimulation for a woman to climax where her male partner only requires 3 minutes. Obviously there is an 8 minute window of opportunity there that must be filled in order to bridge the gap and it’s not impossible. Not only are there exercises as well as mind over matter techniques, there are also a myriad of vitamins, lotions and potions that promise to lengthen a man’s sexual endurance.

The male libido has been the topic of wonder for centuries and during that time there have been exercises that have been implemented with the hope of increasing the male stamina. In most cases, men experiencing decreased stamina have been able to acquire the endurance they need in order to satisfy his partner just by using mind over matter techniques in warding off orgasm. By focusing your mind on other parts of the body during sex, not just the penis, you can lengthen the time it takes for you to come. Flexing your Kegel muscles as a daily exercise is another great way to control orgasm naturally as it helps to build up that muscle leaving it less sensitive to stimulation. Researching the different exercises men have available as a resource can aid tremendously in making him a better lover.

For a quick fix, a visit to your local pharmacy, health and nutrition store or even doing a search online will open your eyes to the many different types of vitamins and lotions that offer to elongate a man’s endurance. There are many options available for purchase if that is the route you decide to take. No matter which way you choose to go in regard to increasing sexual stamina, the fact that you have acknowledged the problem and are doing something about will essentially prove to your partner that you care about the way she feels. She’ll applaud your effort and your sex life will improve dramatically when both people enjoy what they are doing!

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