Male Sexual Stamina- Drive Her Crazy!

Satisfy Her SexuallyWhat would it be like for you guys out there if during sexual intercourse your orgasm depended on HER orgasm? Meaning, what if the roles were reversed and your lady was the one with the male sexual stamina and if she came first, well then too bad for you? That’s what I thought, not so much fun wouldn’t you say fellas? If you find that in bed you are achieving orgasm far before your woman is, it can be quite frustrating for both of you and in some cases, can even make sex a sensitive subject. If you are feeling like less of a man because you can’t last long enough in bed to satisfy your woman, perhaps it’s time you educate yourself of the different ways you can become a better lover, for you and for her!

Premature ejaculation has often been cited as being when a man comes before he even gets his penis into the walls of a vagina; however that isn’t true at all. Simply put, premature ejaculation is when a man can’t control his orgasm and he achieves climax before his lady does. It’s a rather common problem and in most cases comes down to one thing: science. Recent studies show that on average, women take about 11 minutes to stimulate to the point of orgasm whereas her male counterpart averages about 3 minutes. Most likely it is due to the anatomy of a woman and where constant stimulation must be applied. For a male, the main nerve endings that receive the sensations from sex are right there on the tip of his penis so a even a slight amount of stimulation will keep him engorged and ready for climax. With woman, it’s not so simple.

Thankfully there are several ways to overcome this problem. There are exercises that can be performed to help elongate a guys sexual endurance. From the flexing of his Kegel muscles to the “stop, start” method, mastering these exercises and implementing them every day will help to aid a man in controlling his orgasms and in turn help him to satisfy her. For those of you who prefer instant gratification there is a myriad of vitamins and lotions that can be purchased right at your local pharmacy over the counter or even online. Doing a search for these types of sexual stamina aids will no doubt create a window to many possibilities when it comes to which vitamins to choose. Ordering online also has the added benefit of being discreetly delivered right to your door!

No man out there wants to be thought of as a bad lover but if you aren’t able to last long enough to please your woman you may just be thinking that you are. Knowing that you share a common problem amongst your peers that is fixable with a little help from male sexual stamina exercises and vitamins should make you ready to get started on your journey to becoming a better lover! Trust me, your lady will thank you for it!


  1. Shezzy

    Also let us know about the tips which help a woman to have orgasm within three minutes… rather than giving suggestions to men how they can extend the point of orgasm till 15 minutes.. Don’t be a slave of women but believe in gender equality..

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