What If My Wife Asks: How Can I Get My Husband To Be Better In Bed?

Better in bedOkay ladies, I know we all love our husbands and are willing to overlook a lot of his faults, we all have them, but when it comes to sex, we can’t help but wonder to ourselves “how can I get my husband to be better in bed?”  It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been married in most cases, it’s just plain hard to bring up the subject with our hubbies knowing he’ll most likely take offense.  Especially if you’ve been with each other for a number of years, he’ll automatically start thinking that he hasn’t been satisfying you for all this time!  In some cases, that might actually be true and if that is, then I feel for you and it’s time to take action!  But how do you do it without causing a huge chunk to fall out from under his self esteem?

Ladies, the only way your husband is going to know what you want from him in the sack is to be as straight forward as possible: you simply need to tell him.  If done right, you can succeed in making him look for ways to spark up your sex life without ever even so much as putting a dent in his self confidence!  Perhaps whatever interests you to try can be brought up in such a manner as if to make it look like you “read something in a magazine that looks like fun”, or even by telling him he looks so luscious lately you can’t wait to get him in the sack! If the problem isn’t getting him in bed, it’s what goes on when you’re in there, perhaps you can try guiding him to “right” spot by simply letting him know verbally that ”right there” is where he needs to stay!

There are always movies, books and magazines that contain a myriad of information pertaining to the art of sex and including him on your discoveries are sure to peak his interest and make him want to try new things.  Men are very visual creatures and by presenting your ideas in pictures or video will not only turn him on but also strike a chord in the male brain that desires to “conquer” the situation in order to prove he can do that too!  You can’t assume that he might not up for trying new things either, but if you’ve waited this long for a response the chances are pretty good that unless you initiate the conversation, you’re going to continue to wait!

Another trick to use when answering the question “how can I get my husband to be better in bed” is to make it look like it’s all about him, you know they love that!  Sneak a new move or two into the bedroom and if he’s wondering where that came from, just let him know you’re trying something new to pleasure him!  Chances are he’ll enjoy the new discovery and continue to make it a part of your sexual escapade.  However you choose to do it, the main thing you have to realize here is if it isn’t working for you in bed, it’s imperative you find a solution to the problem before thing get out of hand.  It’s not fair for only one partner to receive the pleasure that sex is supposed to bring but if he doesn’t know he’s lacking, then it’s up to you to somehow bring it to his attention… gently.

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