Who’s Better In Bed- You or Her Ex?

I wonder just how many couples have laid back after a good romp in the sack and wondered silently to themselves: who’s better in bed?  Whether they are curious about better in bedthemselves, their lovers or even thinking back to that old boyfriend/girlfriend or one night stand back in college; perhaps their own insecurities raise their ugly heads while wondering if their partner is thinking the same about an old flame.  Regardless of the question, the answer will probably never be found.  You see, people are so different and most run on emotion so a lot of times, a person can be amazing in the sack but if they are of terrible character, it can make the whole act less appealing.  Not to mention the fact that what one person may consider to be incredible, the next may find it to be mediocre. So, how in the world can we ever know just who’s better in bed?

Every single person is quite different with regard to what they like in bed versus what they are getting in bed.  Where one may love to receive oral sex, another may disregard it as impersonal and might prefer regular intercourse.  There’s even the scenario where say, Suzie sleeps with John and it’s the best lay John ever had.  The next night, Suzie sleeps with Ted and Ted can’t understand why John thought Suzie was all that great. It’s truly just a matter of opinion.

I’m pretty sure that its human nature to wonder what your new partner’s sex life was like before you came along.  You wonder if you are satisfying her better or if at all compared to her last boyfriend. You know that no woman is ever going to come out and tell their new man that they’re ex was better in bed so you can only hope that you are performing better!  However, knowing she’s been with other men and wondering if you compare is a great way to start looking for ways to enhance the experience for both of you.  It’s never too late to try new things and when you start seeing someone new, it’s quite nice to have that clean slate. If you fear that you may be able to perform well enough to defeat the memory of the ex’s sex than use it as an opportunity to educate yourself about ways you can become better in bed.

You don’t have to be a porn star in order to be great in bed, and while we’re talking about whose better in the sack, porn stars don’t necessarily make better lovers either!  They are performing out a fantasy; they are simply “smiling” for the camera and having sex with no feeling whatsoever.  They are doing their job in order to turn whoever is watching the movie on, that does in no way mean they are even turned on themselves. So never rate yourself or your lover compared to what you see on those shows.  Yes they may be a turn on but it doesn’t mean that actually performing half of those positions makes anyone a better lover, it simply means you’re double jointed… LOL!

So, who’s better in bed?  There is no right answer for that; it’s all a matter of opinion.  And guys, for the record, she may have slept with someone else in her past, but she’s with you and it’s up to you to create a great sex life for your future.  Maybe the sex was unbelievable, but after time, once you get to know each other and have a feel for what each of you likes, you’ll be there in no time.  Just keep practicing!


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    Thank God I’m staying virgin until marriage.

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    Thank you thank you thank you… specially for that last paragraph.


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