Love Calculator- Do You And Her Add Up?

Science has proclaimed for thousands of years, maybe more, that Math is the true Universal language.  Knowing this, is it possible that the compatibility between two people can Happy young couple having fun on the beachbe configured by the use of a love calculator?  Are numbers the only type of symbols that can be put into equations in order to find the best possible answers or solutions?   Could we as humans in love be calculated by adding two people together to see if we add up correctly?  In a world where anything is possible, I’d have to say, why not?

Normally when we think of a calculator we tend to get the vision in our minds of a square device with numbers and signs on it that we use to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers with.  However, you hear the term “love calculator” all of the time and there are certain methods that have been designed to calculate the compatibility of two people, just not with the typical mathematical device!  For instance, it’s been quite popular in recent times even though it is an ancient practice to calculate the compatibility of two people by using the letters in their names.  Letters have been long known to have mathematical qualities with regard to their place in the alphabet.  Not only have names been used to find a person best suited for another, the letters in your own name, according to those who hold the belief in the power of numbers, can determine the type of person you are, right down to your dark side as well!

Other love calculators use the birth dates of the two love birds to determine how compatible they really are as a couple!  Where this might sound a lot like the use of astrology, and yes it is related in a way, the numbers which correlate to the days of your birth are actually broken down by adding them to each other.  For instance, if your birthday is 2-2-1977, those numbers will be added together until only one digit is left. (2+2+1+9+7+7=28, 2+8=10, 1+0=1)  Therefore, 1 is your life number.  The same process will be completed for your mate, and adding the two of them together will determine just how fit for each other you are.

Different love calculators use different methods in order to come to a conclusion about how right for each other you really are.  It’s a wonderful form of fun entertainment but can also be quite eye opening once the results are revealed.  I’ve taken a few of them myself over the years just for fun but was quite surprised at the accuracy of the information I received!  And consequently, the love calculator had been right in reference to certain subtractions I’ve had to make in my life, but it was also dead on with a new addition.  So have fun, let someone else do the math for you, use a love calculator to figure out your hearts’ equation!


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