Love- Are We Addicted?

Seductive and SexyI don’t know of any other feeling more powerful and all consuming than the coveted feelings you get when you’re in love! Love, it has been said, can be more powerful than any drug and can totally consume the person who is experiencing the feeling!  When it’s good, it’s so very good, but when love goes sour, it can bring a feeling just as intense and damn near drive a person crazy!  Anyone who has ever experienced a sever  in a relationship with someone for whom they truly love can tell you that the days preceding are such an emotional roller coaster, there are times when you may feel that you just can’t go on.  You do go on, of course, but at the time, the thought of spending the rest of your days without your beloved is just torture!  But then something miraculous happens… you fall in love again, with someone else.  What is it about being in love that makes us come back for more?  Why are we so addicted?

There really is no one definition of love that can pin the feeling down in words with complete accuracy.  There are so many different types of love and each one of them carries a different set of emotional attachments.  We don’t love our children in the same way that we love our wives.  In that I mean while you adore your children and would be the first to take a bullet for them, or do just about anything in your power and sometimes beyond to save them from danger, your feelings of love for them don’t attract you to them sexually.  You may carry the same feelings for your wife or girlfriend, where you would do anything to protect them, but the attraction to them is so obviously different in that you have sexual feelings for them as well, powerful ones.

The love you have for your parents may be different than the love you feel for your very best friend.  You may even love your pets passionately but that’s a different kind of love altogether.  But no matter what kind of love you exude, whether it be a love of sports, the love of writing and hopefully at your age, a love of self, the feeling is a great one, and effects you to the very deepest core of your inner being!

It’s been scientifically proven that love even affects the very chemistry in your brain.  When you exude feelings of love for someone, especially when you just start to fall in love, the feeling produces endorphins in your brain that have been known to produce a sort of “natural high”.  You feel exhilarated, alive; it puts a spring into your step.  It can be so all consuming that you view every day with such passion and fervor, even if the only thing that has changed about your routine is the simple fact that you are in love!  And it’s my belief that that is the very reason why it is so easy to succumb to the power of love, it just makes you feel SO GOOD!  It’s so very easy to get hooked on love and there is no twelve step program for that. And it’s a good thing too, as humans; we have to be allowed at least one vice to get us through the day!  There just isn’t a better drug out there!

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