Chinese Love Horoscopes: Ancient Art in Modern Times

love horoscopeIt’s amazing how far we’ve advanced as a society when it comes to technology, tolerance and other aspects of human life. However we seem to always carry with us the wisdom of the ancients and one place for which that wisdom can be found is in Chinese love horoscopes.  For centuries, the Chinese zodiac has remained a reliable source for those of us who seek answers to the very questions at the core of our being, mainly, are certain people the right ones for us to pursue a romantic relationship with?  By delving into the mysteries of the heavens, astrology has been used for thousands of years to help men and women alike to understand their fate when it comes to love.

The Chinese zodiac wheel is comprised of 12 different animals for which each person can find their correlation by corresponding their year of birth with the particular animal who has been assigned to them by that number.  For instance, a person born in the year 1977 is, according to the wheel, associated with the Dragon.  Someone born in 1969 is considered to be a Rooster. By matching your birth year to the animals on the chart, you will find out what animal represents you.   Going one step further, by matching your partner’s year of birth or someone for whom you are interested, to the animal assigned to their birth year you can find out just how compatible your signs are together.  Or, you may find out that they aren’t compatible at all which could explain some of the troubles you may already be experiencing between the two of you!

Can they actually help to determine if someone’s sign may be a better match than for you than another?  Considering that the art of Chinese astrology has been practiced since 2000 years before Christ, it would be safe to say that there must be something to it!  The best way for you to know would be to look at your own sign along with its description to see if it is accurate in any way.  If you should find that there are indeed some similarities in the personality traits according to the animal which represents your birth year, perhaps it’s not a bad idea to go ahead and check out the traits of the sign corresponding to your partner’s year of birth as well.  Usually you’ll find that when you research your own sign that you’ll see a list of those other signs that are compatible with yours as well as those who aren’t.

Whether it be just for fun or used to answer perplexing questions of the heart, Chinese love horoscopes have been used for centuries as a tool in which to uncover the mysteries of our fates when it comes to love.  They are easy to find, fun to read and who knows, they may even prove to hold some accuracy in determining what signs may be most compatible to yours!  Read yours today, it may help you with deciding affairs of your heart tomorrow!

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