101 Love Positions- When 100 Just Isn’t Enough

love positionsLet’s face it, sex, and all the different ways to perform it just isn’t as taboo as it used to be due to the advancement of today’s society! There are scores of information pertaining to the actual act of having sex and lucky for us, 101 love positions have become accessible not only in books, but from the click of the mouse! Do we really need that many to get the job done? Well, it’s pretty clear that all humans are different in regards to EVERYTHING and sex just happens to be one of those things in which people need variety in order to maintain a healthy and satisfying sex life!

Men and women in general enjoy sex and it’s no longer just used as a means of procreation which had been the case for so long, and up until not so long ago! Not only that, sex was a closeted subject and not very often discussed publicly due to the suppression sex suffered for so many centuries. Not all cultures looked at sex in such a mechanical way; our friends in the Middle East supplied the world with a wonderful book called the Karma Sutra which listed so many positions and other aspects to the art of making love. Unfortunately it wasn’t available to the world until recent times when it could be printed and distributed beyond all borders.

Lucky for us, the change in times has brought an acceptance towards the subject and what used to be taboo and never mentioned has now become quite popular and commonplace. There is information sources everywhere that allow people to learn about not just the science of sex, but how to become better lovers to please our partners. Because everyone’s bodies respond differently to certain sexual positions, there is unlimited resources available that are the proverbial “How-To” for love making! There are so many variations to the “normal” sexual positions most referred to which can enable anyone with any taste to enjoy the pleasure new positions can give when incorporated into your love making.

Educating yourself to the art of making love can only better your technique and bring a rush of passion into the bedroom not yet experienced! Practicing new positions is hardly what I’d call a chore and could prove to be fun and amazing experience for both parties. Buy the book, rent the video, pull up the website… wherever you choose to find an avenue devoted to teaching more sexual positions, involving your partner in the search will help you both realize what’s most comfortable, pleasurable and should be added to your love making sessions.

So, 101 love positions… do we really need so many? Yep, and the more the merrier! Everyone’s bodies are stimulated differently and in various intensities from certain positions, it could never hurt to try A LOT in order to figure out which ones work the best. And hey, hasn’t it been proven that people tend to learn better when the experience is taught hands on?

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