Romance: Is It In the Stars?

RomanceMany people hold the belief that their life destinies, including their romances, are written in the stars. They think that their whole lives can be mapped out by plotting out the position of the stars at the moment of their births! From who they are destined to be in this life, to what occupation suits them best, to what type of person they are most compatible with, for many, the Zodiac wheel holds the clues to why they are who they are! And for most who do believe, astrology is looked upon in their quest for finding the perfect mate, in essence, when it comes to romance, people are looking to the stars to find it!

Astrology isn’t a new and upcoming fad, in fact, the idea of using astrology to solve mysteries of one’s Self has been used for thousands of years, the earliest form being traced back to over 2000 years before Christ! Not only do people search the skies to plot out certain aspects of their individuality, more and more have discovered it as a tool in helping them to find other personalities in which they’d be most compatible!

The Zodiac wheel is comprised of twelve different “houses” and each house is governed by what is known as a “sun sign”. A sun sign is traditionally accepted as the sign for which an individual was born under and is determined by the month and day of their birth. Each sign is known for different personality traits. For example, a person born under the sign of Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th) is said to be technologically advanced in their thinking, a little detached from the physical world around them and known to be, out of all of the other signs, the humanitarian. Someone born under the sign of Aries (March 21st through April 19th) is described as being outgoing, a hard worker and likes to be the recipient of adoration and attention! According to astrology, both signs would make a great match in that their personalities complement each other well!

Of course there are more factors involved in making relationships work than just what each person’s signs are, but seeking advice from the coordinates of the planets in finding romance has been practiced since ancient times and continues through our modern day! It has to make you wonder if there is anything to astrology for the simple fact that it is a science that is all but dead. It seems as though it has gained popularity as the years pass on but is it because we as a society have become so desperate to find the answers to the questions of our hearts that we’ll resort to anything? Or could it be that the answers can truly be found by studying the heavens?

There is no definitive way to prove if the information contained in the science of astrology is fact or just something to put our faith in when we can’t find the answers elsewhere. The best way to decide how accurate the use of astrology could be when implemented into your life is to research your own sun sign then study that of another whom you may have had a relationship with or would like to. You may be surprised to find that the fate of your future romance truly is written in the stars!


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