Satisfy a Woman Sexually: Top 5 Things Women Want From Their Men

It’s nice to see that there has been more of an emphasis lately from men who desire to find the right ways to satisfy a woman sexually!  Not that they’ve never cared in the past but it does seem as though as the years go on, men are finally coming to the realization that they aren’t alone in the bed and that pleasuring a woman is crucial in maintaining a great sexual relationship! Take it from a woman when I tell you that these 5 things listed, if implemented the right way, will make your woman crazy for more every time!

1.  We need you to last longer in bed.  Women take longer than men, in fact, an average of 8 minutes longer, to reach the point of orgasm and all too often men are finishing way before that 8 minutes is up!  If you find you are getting off before your woman does a majority of the time, perhaps it’s time you look into exercises that can help you regain control of your orgasm.  There are also vitamins and lotions that have been developed to help lengthen sexual stamina and are available for purchase online and even over the counter in your local pharmacy.

2.  We crave a decent amount of foreplay.  Woman need this time before sex in order to get their senses aroused and her vagina lubricated and ready for actually penetration!  Without the proper amount of arousal time sex can even prove to be painful, and there is no way we’re going to get off if it doesn’t feel good! Foreplay is also a great way to get her closer to orgasm if you’re the type of guy that needs to work on his stamina. It buys you time.

3.  Locate our clitoris and then pay attention to it!  The clit is where most if not all of the stimulation should be applied in order to get her off.  Most of the nerve endings that supply us with that awesome sensation of climax are located in that area. If it’s being neglected, it’s a sure fire way to prevent us from achieving orgasm.  Performing oral sex is one of the safest bets to use when concentrating on her orgasm, do it and do it often!

4.  Talk dirty to us.  We love it. It turns us on to hear that you only desire to please us!  Tell us what you’re going to do to us and that your sole purpose at that moment is to ensure that we feel like the goddess that we are!  You know how much you guys like it, we’re on the same level.

5.  Ask us what it is specifically that we desire from you in bed! Every person is different when it comes to sex and how they like it. The only true way to find out what your woman needs from you is to ask, and vice versa for you. We’re all adults here and I can tell you that even by you just asking her what it is she likes, she’ll be turned on by your curiosity and desire to please.

It doesn’t take an Adonis to satisfy a woman sexually, it just takes a little curiosity, effort and education.  Apply any or all of the 5 things I’ve just listed and you’ll not only surprise your woman with your new found knowledge, you’ll also peak her curiosity as to what it is that turns YOU on the most.  That could prove to make things truly interesting from here on out!

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    The only thing i would say here… rather bashing men why men don’t last long, you women should try to learn how to have orgasm early…The root of the problem lies with women why take such a long time to have orgasm.. we call it retarded orgasm in women. This is not quite acceptable for men.. There are so many women who take half an hour to have orgasm.. so should men wait for half an hour? It is too ridiculous. Basically this is woman’s problem not men’s. If a woman learns to have orgasm early, everything becomes smooth. Also let us know Top 5 things men want from their women to satisfy a man sexually… We believe in gender equality..

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