Sex Tips: 4 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Bed

sextipsOkay guys, I’d like to take this time to put to rest certain myths about women and what WE like in the bedroom!  That’s right; I am a woman and who better to receive sex tips from when looking to please a woman of your own?  For a different spin on things I thought I might help you best by telling you what NOT to do to your woman in bed.  If you are doing these things and getting away with it I can promise you the reason she allows it to go on is because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.  Take a look at the four BIGGEST MISTAKES guys make in bed!

1.    We do not need a marathon man.  I know, you hear it all over the place about how women want a man who can “go all night”.  The truth is yes, we do like for a man to last at least long enough to ensure we have an orgasm but on average, it takes a woman about 11 minutes to reach that point.  Anything after ½ an hour can actually prove to be painful since our natural lubrication starts to dry up.  I don’t know why so much emphasis has been put on this, perhaps it was just made up by a woman on an ego trip!

2.    Penis size does not matter.  You do not have to be hung like a bull in order to please us in bed. In fact, men tend to worry so much about the size of their Johnson that they actually let it hinder what could be an awesome romp in the sack due to their insecurities.  Focusing so much on your “short-comings” is a complete waste of time.  Women can pick out 30 flaws to your one when it comes to our bodies so please stop worrying about it!

3.    Our vagina, especially our clitoris, is extremely sensitive.  Sticking your fingers in and out of our vaginal canal isn’t as much of a turn on as you’ve been made to believe thanks to all the real cheesy 80’s movies involving high school and college frat parties!  In fact, if you do insist on using your hands, especially when it comes to that good ol’ clitoris we just talked about, PLEASE BE GENTLE!  You know how sensitive the tip of your penis can be when you’re hard?  You know how it feels if a woman is rough with it, especially if there’s no kind of lube? Yeah, well amplify that by a thousand, that’s what it feels like for a woman whose man is trying to get her off using rough pressure with his fingers!

4.    Last but certainly not least, locate our clitoris (there it is again!) and stimulate it with oral sex. We love it, you can’t do it wrong and even if you do, we’ll happily guide into perfecting it, I promise. All women love it, it feels incredible, much like what a blow job would feel like for you.  Do it often and trust me, you’ll have your woman on lock down for good!

Go forth and put these sex tips to good use.  Not only will you surprise your woman but you’ll gain something invaluable in the process….confidence in satisfying your woman!


  1. Yes and number 5 of the biggest mistakes is how some of you ‘innocently’ get the holes wrong. Concentrate on completely and utterly fulfilling the front door before you even think about trying your luck with the back!

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