Good Sex Tips: What To Eliminate From Your Routine

PerkyYou don’t have to be a porn star in order to be considered great in bed!  In fact, with a few real good sex tips any guy can become an awesome lover whose skills can make even the most hard to please woman fall to her knees begging for more!  Instead of giving you fellas out there a rundown of the things that women in general like most when it comes to sex, I figured it may help you all out even more to go over some of the things they DON’T like.  It’s a different twist but I have to say, great lovers aren’t recognized just for what they DO in bed, they’re also known for what they DON’T do!  Read on to explore what you should eliminate from your routine in order to blow her mind in bed…

1.    Stop worrying about how great you are in bed.  The more you worry about it and feel insecure the more your performance lacks.  Men tend to increase their own anxiety when they feel they are going to fail in bed before we even get under the covers.  And for the record guys, penis size really doesn’t matter when you can master other things that stimulate so please, us women feel as though we have 10 flaws on our bodies to your one, there is no reason for you to worry!

2.    Please stop using your fingers roughly while massaging our clitoris!  Contrary to popular belief it does NOT feel good the harder you press, it hurts and honestly the whole act should just be eliminated completely!  Gently rubbing our vaginas over our panties or even softly pinching the lips is enjoyable and acceptable but the whole “fingering” thing is high school movie night and isn’t in the least bit sexy!

3.    Please try to last long enough while having sex to make sure we come too!  It takes us longer to get off, as I’m sure you’re well aware of, and if you are coming before we do it means we get the short end of the stick, so to speak.  There are exercises you can do to help strengthen and elongate your sexual stamina as well as vitamins and lotions.  A little research online will bring up a ton of information pertaining to this subject alone so if you are having trouble controlling your orgasm long enough to make us get off, it’s time you start to do a little sleuthing to figure out ways to correct that.

4.    Don’t cut foreplay short!  It’s necessary for woman to have that time in order to get aroused, get our juices flowing and bring us closer to orgasm!  Without enough foreplay, by the time you are finished we are just starting to feel the sensation of an orgasm coming on and by then it’s too late!  Don’t skimp out on the kissing either!  90% of women who were interviewed about this matter said that they wish there was more kissing involved since it can be such an erotic thing.  And most of all, precluding actual penetration with oral sex can work in your favor as well as hers since it’s such an easy way to bring her close to an orgasm!  By performing oral sex before you actually have intercourse you are ensuring that she comes before you or at the same time, and THAT is the goal, isn’t it?

I know that this list may not be as erotic as you may have hoped but trust me when I tell you that when you put these good sex tips to use you’ll find she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you!  And don’t forget guys, it’s okay for you to tell her what you like and dislike too.  Trust when I tell you she wants to know!

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