Sex Tips For Guys: Brought to You By a Woman

orgasmIt seems like every other woman’s magazine covers you see while standing in line at the checkout announces an entire segment devoted to ways for women to drive their men wild in bed but rarely do you see any sex tips for guys.  In order to even the score with regard to information on how to become a better lover, I’ve taken the time to give you men out there a clear cut woman’s perspective on how you can make us absolutely blinded by ecstasy in bed!  Some of these tips may even surprise you as I attempt to take a stab at squashing some of the myths as well.

Lasting long enough in bed or controlling your orgasm is a must if you expect to be able to satisfy her to the point of her getting hers.  Contrary to popular belief we really don’t expect you to be able to have sex continually for hours on end.  In fact, after too much time has passed we start to dry up down there and it can actually become quite painful!  Since it does take us longer to get off, as long as you can control your orgasm to ensure that we come then we will all be pretty happy ladies!

You can never go wrong with giving oral sex.  We love it, it feels incredible and it targets the one spot that we desperately need to have attention paid to in order to climax, the clitoris.  Sure penetration feels incredible and yes we can get off that way but if you notice, we are more apt to have an orgasm when the position that we’re in allows for stimulation of our clitoris.  Doing it orally is a great prelude to intercourse and an almost sure fire way to bring her to the brink of climax.  By performing orally on her as part of foreplay it should take the pressure off of you having to control your orgasm since you’ve already taken the time she needs to be ready.

Foreplay is absolutely crucial in getting a woman turned on enough to have sex.  I was very surprised to see that most women complain that the real essential thing that is lacking during this time is kissing.  Sounds pretty basic and rather elementary but kissing is very intimate and extremely passionate, especially for those of you who have been in relationships with the same woman for a while.  If you can’t remember the last time you kissed her, I mean REALLY kissed her, then way too much time has gone by!

And finally, talk dirty.  It makes us so hot to hear how much you desire us and what you want to do with us sexually!  It’s such a turn on to have these things whispered in our ears while you’re kissing our necks.  You’d be amazed at the response you’ll receive once you apply these sex tips for guys.  They are so easy to implement and will end up being the most valuable lesson you’ve ever learned if you play your cards right!


  1. And don’t forget about the clitoris during penetration. If you’re talented with your tongue and have already given her an orgasm from going down on her, sometimes all it takes is a bit of clitoral stimulation during intercourse for her to have another.

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