Best Credit Cards- Matter of Opinion

creditcardbestThere are so many offers made everyday by way of mail, e-mail and even on television promoting the best credit cards for your individual financial situation. Some offer cash back, others offer frequent flier miles, rebates and rewards.  It can be tough when it comes to choosing the right card to suit your needs however there are ways to narrow it down in order to find the card that’s just right for you and your budget!  Whether you be an individual with a personal interest in the card, a small business owner or a big corporation, there are cards that have been designed with added features and benefits to suit your needs.

Traditionally, lower rate interest cards have always been chosen over the ones with higher however there are some factors involved that may not give you the ability to choose when it comes down to it.  While yes you do have options concerning certain added features to the cards, your interest rate and even total balance depends a lot upon your credit rating and the timely fashion for which you pay your bills.  The better the credit, the better the rate and higher the amount of the available balance.  However, not to be discouraged, most credit card companies will reward clients with better rates and higher balances when they have proven for a certain amount of time according to each card, their ability to pay.

Some credit cards offer significant rewards in addition to lower rates and higher balances. Very popular these days are cards which carry rebate features.  By making purchases using your card, the card company will give back a certain percentage of every purchase and how it’s applied is different for each card who participates.  Some may put it towards your balance, others will cut a check at the end of the month or year.  It’s a nice way to thank their clients for using their services.

Another popular reward system is by way of “frequent flier miles”.  What this does is allow for so many miles to be added up again according to the amount of purchases made on the card. After a person has made the required amount of purchases to equal the miles towards a destination, they are able to cash in those “miles” for plane tickets.  This is very popular bonus for those clients who fly a lot for business or pleasure.

When in the process of choosing the best credit cards for yourself, consider which features and benefits apply to you the most so that you may cash in on the rewards offered to you.  If you don’t travel by air frequently and getting cash back sounds more like you, then by all means, go for the cash back rewards.  If there is a particular card that looks right for you but doesn’t have a reward system that applies to you, ask to see if the card can have an alternative plan put in place.  A lot of times credit card companies are flexible and will do what they can to help out and keep their customers.  And they love to make new ones as well!

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