Insomnia- Are You Still Awake?

insomniastillawakeThere are so many various reasons as to why some people have trouble falling or staying asleep but there is one thing that is a definite for those who suffer from insomnia, it can be totally debilitating.  Whether it comes in the form of a couple of sleepless nights or extends until many years of non rest, insomnia can have a myriad of awful effects on the person who’s experiencing it.  It can become all consuming and can go as far as to destroy lives.  While that may seem a little extreme, without the proper amount of time for a body to rest and repair itself from daily abuse, physical and mental, chronic sleeplessness can take a toll on a person’s well being in all areas of their lives and can become quite a devastating problem to endure.

There are varying degrees on insomnia ranging from a few sleeplessness nights to a lifetime of unrest.  Lack of sleep can have devastating effects on not only the physical body of that which suffers from it but also their mental state as well. Insomnia has been known in more extreme cases to produce hallucinations, muscle fatigue, physical fatigue in general and utter listlessness.  However there have also been cases of those suffering from the effects of insomnias for years who exude signs of being in  heightened states of alert, sometime categorized as paranoia.  Still others have complained of having the perception that things and people are moving in slow motion or blending in with each other with regard to vision.

In some cases the insomnia suffered by an individual is temporary and may only be present for a few nights to a few weeks at a time.  Physiological changes to the body or even stress can produce symptoms of sleeplessness and while it is an annoyance, usually passes after a short period of time.  However there are other types of insomnia that are much more severe and can last for years, if not a lifetime and can have quite drastic effects on the sufferers psyche. Lack of sleep for long periods of time is harmful to the overall health of person and should be addressed and treated with the help of a physician.

There have been massive amounts of clinical studies devoted to the science of sleep and its effects on the human body. Insomnia has been researched for years and studies have shown that nearly 58% of adults suffer from some form of insomnia at least a few times a week.  The condition carries itself in different forms ranging from the inability to fall asleep, the inability to stay asleep and also the inability to fall back asleep once awakened.  Obviously the more extreme version is the inability to sleep at all, which produces radical psychological effects.

There are several different methods available today to treat patients suffering from insomnia.  Advances in the field of medical science has made medications a possible way to combat insomnia in order to give patients back the quality of life a good nights rest can give!  The psychiatric field has made wonderful contributions as well to help those affected by this frustrating condition.  Thanks to today’s research and studies devoted to the science of sleep, those who suffer from insomnia can now finally enjoy what most of us take for granted, a good nights’ sleep!

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