Effect of Insomnia- Not Just Your Problem

insomniaWhere it may just an individual that is suffering from the lack of sleep, coincidently, family and friends of the afflicted also suffer the effect of insomnia as well.  Night after sleepless night a person with insomnia finds themselves totally exhausted and void of any energy but still cannot fall asleep.  It seems as though everyone battles bouts of insomnia at certain times of their lives due to stressful situations and other factors but they’re usually temporary.  However during that time a person can be left feeling tired, weak, depressed and irritable due to the frustration and lack of sleep in itself.  That being said, it can be very difficult for family, loved ones and even coworkers to cope with a person battling insomnia.

Sleep is an extremely important natural function our bodies need in order to restore energy and repair itself after the everyday stresses we encounter in our lives.  Sleep not only helps to restore our physical energy but it also repairs and revitalizes the brain function that we so desperately need in order to get through our days to do it all over again.  Without the proper amount of sleep, especially for days at a time, our energy slowly starts to deplete and our brains can become as slow to react as our bodies.  Routine activities that we usually perform such as our jobs and even driving can prove to become dangerous if we are doing them without having had proper rest.  Our moods can become less desirable and we become quick to react negatively to things that may not have bothered us in the past.

The inability to fall asleep or stay asleep can be extremely frustrating for not only those experiencing the sleepless nights but also for those family members we are close to.   Being sleep deprived can often darken our moods and cause us to become quite depressed.  Activities that we once used to enjoy no longer appeal to us and our energy levels plummet.  Even though we may be totally exhausted the insomnia will not let us sleep, sometimes the anxiety over that in itself is enough to make a person irritable and we find we start to lash out at our families and friends.  Our work starts to suffer as we become less productive and our foul moods make us hard to get along with to our coworkers and colleagues.

Even the most mundane activities such as driving a car can prove to be dangerous when a person who slips behind the wheel hasn’t slept in what feels like days.  Our reaction time is slowed, our vision can become blurry and in some severe cases, we may even experience hallucinations.  We can even become a danger to ourselves as we become more3 accident prone in every way due to the cloudiness we feel in our brains. S ome of us may even endure horrible headaches due to the lack of sleep which further irritates our moods.  We just become completely unpleasant, and who could blame us?

If you are experience the effect of insomnia you can be sure that those close to you are feeling it too. You owe it to yourself and your family to get down to the bottom of things, to seek the advice of a specialist or even your family doctor and consider the different methods available to cure your sleepless night.  You’ll be glad you did, your family will be too!

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