Method To Quit Smoking- Does Hypnosis Work?

Everyone by now is aware of the dangers of cigarette smoking on the health of the smoker and even passive smoke.  If you’ve tried repeatedly to stop the habit and nothing else has worked, one method to quit smoking may be hypnosis.

Hypnosis has nothing to do with magic or anything else supernatural.  Through relaxation techniques, the subconscious mind receives positive suggestions made by the person inducing the hypnotic state.  Several positive thoughts can be made in one session to reprogram previous thoughts in the mind of a person.  In theory, this is how hypnosis can help treat as well as cure many psychological problems.

Hypnosis cannot be induced in anyone without the total cooperation by the person being hypnotized.  Everyone wanting to try hypnosis therapy needs to be clear about accepting the therapist’s variety of commands if they are serious about wanting it to work.
In a deeply relaxed state, your unconscious mind is easily accessed, the place where your deepest thoughts are stored. This your desire to smoke hides out.  Hypnotic suggestions such as, not to substitute food for cigarettes, or how to cope in situations around other smokers, and strategies to deal with any withdrawal symptoms or cravings are meant to replace the desire to smoke with something healthier.  When you come out of the relaxed state, you should feel refreshed with your desire to smoke diminished.
Although hypnosis can change thought patterns, it isn’t a cure or the only method to quit smoking.  Hypnosis therapy can certainly redirect a destructive habit into something healthier and positive, but behavior still needs to be modified. Additional work is still required in order to create a new lifestyle.

The best way to incorporate hypnosis into your general quit-smoking program is to combine it with other methods that you find supporting.  Exercise, personal meditation, yoga, hobbies or sports are all excellent ideas to keep your mind and fingers busy living life, rather than lighting up.
Maybe you can’t find a qualified hypnotherapist in your area or you need repeated inspiration.  Try being your own hypnotist.  Put on relaxing music and close your eyes. Focus on how you want your life to be, as you completely relax your body.  You want to be smoke free. You want health. Repeat these thoughts over and over and over again for at least seven times. Slowly open your eyes.

Doing this on a regular basis, you’ll help create new synapses in your brain filled with new responses to situations were you normally would have smoked. You will also remain calm, relaxed and stress free as you go about your normal activities.  The best thing is you won’t have to schedule another appointment.
Some experts claim hypnosis isn’t more effective for smoking cessation, while many others swear by it.  The only thing for sure is that there’s no harm in trying hypnosis as a method to quit smoking. The only thing you have to lose is a smoking habit.

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