How To Stop Premature Ejaculation and Be a Better Lover

Disgusted with P.E.If you’re experiencing sexual tensions or anxiety over your sex life, you may be wondering how to stop premature ejaculation. Or, if you don’t know that you have this problem, you may need to realize that you can and should learn how to stop premature ejaculation.

P.E. is quite simply when you, the man, ejaculate before your lover or wife has reached her sexual climax and had orgasm. This is a problem that once upon a time was largely swept under the rug, when women bought into the fable that they could have a fulfilling sex life without orgasms and the men considered it unmanly to discuss their quick ejaculations. But since women starting becoming sexually liberated in the 1970s, and with the advent of deeper medical and psychological knowledge, it’s become clear that women want to experience orgasm just as much as men do, and few if any of them can be satisfied without having orgasm.

When the man ejaculates, the sexual intercourse is over until next time. After ejaculation most men barely have the energy to continue intercourse and even if they do it won’t matter, for the penis is about to go flaccid for a while. If the woman hasn’t yet reached her orgasm, she will have to wait to try again later–and this can lead to immense frustration, which in turn can lead to fights, anxiety, undue stress, emotional distancing, and even the ending of the relationship or infidelity. A woman may even fall into depression over an unfulfilled sex life with the man she loves.

Men are naturally designed to ejaculate quickly, whereas the vast majority of women are designed to take longer to reach orgasm than the man is to ejaculate. Clearly, this can cause some serious problems. But the good news is we are human beings, not mere animals; and we can learn new behaviors and master new techniques through using the mind to understand our bodies. Males can and do learn how to last far longer into the act of sexual intercourse so that they completely pleasure their women. Sometimes, this involves taking a serotonin supplement; other times it comes down to technical knowledge.

But whatever form increasing your sexual endurance takes, it has tremendous benefits. If you are married or truly in love with your lover, the last thing you want is a divorce or a break-up. Yet, a woman’s sexual needs going unfulfilled may result in exactly that. So for starters, learning how to overcome P.E. may save your intimate relationship.

Another benefit is the way you feel once you have overcome P.E. Men may like to have a lot of bravado about this and say it doesn’t matter to them as long as they get theirs, but the reality is men desire for their women to reach orgasm and be sexually fulfilled. Mere physical pleasure is not what human sexuality is all about; there has to be an emotional component (not necessarily romantic) or someone is going unfulfilled. Partners crave knowing that they completely pleasure each other. A man with P.E. may be haunted by guilt, an inferiority complex, depression, anger, or anxiety.

Learn how to stop premature ejaculation and your life will change dramatically for the better.

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