Love Poems- Seduction Tips That Stimulate Her Heart

There is no better way to bring a woman to her knees than to write her a love poem, especially if you feel compelled to write her one for no special reason.  Love poems take love poemsthought, time and can capture the very essence of the feelings you have.  Poems are great when you aren’t the best at relating your feelings in conversation.  It doesn’t matter what the situation is, whether you are giddy in love with your newly found mate or you’ve been married for years, a love poem at any given time will always bring a smile, maybe even a tear to her eye.  It’s a sure fire way to light that fire or put it out after an argument, and best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Love poems have been around for so long I’m not even sure anyone can pin point where they first originated from. There are thousands, maybe millions of poems that have been written from the perspective of pretty much every type of man from every walk of life. There are thousands of volumes of poems in print that range in works from the greats to the anonymous writers and they all have one thing in common- they were written to get the message across to the women they loved about just how much their hearts belonged to only them!  And I’m willing to bet that every woman who was the recipient of such a passionate expression of heart melted with every single word they read!

It is such a fabulous way to say what’s on your mind when you can’t or just don’t know how to form the words from your mouth.  Even if you aren’t the best of writers, a few simple lines can have just as much of an impact on your lady as a triple volume sonata!  A few moments of quiet with pen in hand can offer up a range of words and feelings that could set her heart a flutter for days to come.  If you aren’t the type of guy that can conjure up the words on your own, it wouldn’t be wrong to borrow the words of another, and she wouldn’t mind in the least even if she knew the words were not your own.  In her mind, the fact that you took the time to find the perfect poem that expresses how you feel will be enough to capture her heart….every time!

Gifts and presents are always nice but words from the heart are sure to be a hit with almost any woman.  It’s the things that come from the heart that matter the most to the one you love and  taking the time to write a love poem takes way more effort than scouring the aisles at the mall. Love poems have been used for ages and never go out of style, maybe it’s time you show her just how much she means to you…by putting it in writing.

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