Last Longer – Condoms Just Might Do The Trick

istock_000004893044xsmallIf you are looking to last longer then you may want to consider using a condom during intercourse. It does not just help to prevent against disease and pregnancy but can also help in the prevention of premature ejaculation. There is a good reason for this and surprisingly it is the basic complaint that men have in regards to condoms the fact that it decreases feeling and sensation.

For men who experience premature ejaculation due to issues with sensitivity, a condom may be the perfect solution to the problem. The condom encases the entire length of the penis and provides a barrier that decreases sensations. This in turn prevents ejaculation from happening too soon because of the sensation.

There are even condoms, which are specifically designed to desensitize. They are usually marketed at climax control condoms. They may simply be designed to maximize the desensitization effect that many experience with condoms or they may include a desensitizing lubrication elements, which assist in the process.

This can be more effective than the other methods such as the start and stop method because it provides you with a way to maintain the moment without having to put pauses throughout it. This can be helpful for those partners that need consistent stimulation in order to reach orgasm. There are several different types and you should try each of the options available to you.

Each is slightly different and you want to make sure that you are not desensitizing to the point that you cannot achieve climax but are desensitized enough to be able to enjoy the perfect timing for you and your partner. There are also individuals who will only need a little bit of assistance while others may need more. This is based on individual and it may require some experimentation in order to find something that works well for you and works for your partner.
The best thing to do if you are suffering from premature ejaculation due to sensitivity is to talk to your partner. A relationship is a two way street and open communication especially about something as important as the physically intimate part of your relationship can do wonders for both relieving stress and making the process of finding what works for you to be a fun rather than trying experience.

Since experimentation is a big part of the process of finding, what works for you in this type of situation it is a good idea to consider sample packs. Many of these can be found online and can supply you with a sampling of a wide range of products. This may be less frustrating and more definitely less expensive than purchasing larger packages of condoms and finding out they do not work for you or do not work for your partner.

Condoms can be a great way to last longer when engaging in intercourse and dealing with the problem of premature ejaculation due to sensitivity. They can of course, be helpful with most causes of premature ejaculation but this does not mean they work for everyone.

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