Love Letters: The Ultimate Seducer


When the world gets to be a little crazy and you find yourself wondering if anything at all is still considered to be sacred, you can rest assured that the power of love letters will always hold steadfast in any situation.  Few things have been considered quite so beautiful and all consuming than the power of a well written love letter, one that truly comes from the heart.  It matters not how old you are, what financial class you belong to, nor whether you are man or woman, being the recipient of a love letter is a sure fire way to make you feel like the richest person in the world!  When you really want to get your point across to the person that you love, never doubt the impact of a love letter!

Love letters have been written and found to be so beautiful that they have actually made their way into published print, some of them hundreds even thousands of years old!  Can you imagine for a moment the impact those letters had to have made on the person they were written for if they were found to be so alluring that they made their way into books for all the world to see? People have been known to cry reading love letters written for other people in other times.  If love letters have that type of power over people’s emotions when they weren’t even written for them, it’s a safe bet that being a recipient of a love letter would have to surge a rush of emotion into even the harshest of personalities!

When you are in love with someone and you feel compelled to do something nice for them but aren’t sure what to do, write a love letter.  You just can’t go wrong! It doesn’t have to have perfect spelling; the punctuation won’t matter because you’re certainly not getting graded on it! The only thing that will matter is the words that are on the pages and the fact that you have written them specifically for the one who is reading it. Writing a letter costs you only your time, not your money and trust me when I tell you it will be time well spent. You could easily change a person’s perspective by writing a letter that shows exactly how you feel deep down inside, and they will more than appreciate the effort that you put into such a lovely gift!

Our world today basically runs on technology, when auto-responders have replaced human typed e-mails, and e-mails have replaced human written letters…getting back to basics and penning a note for your loved one will surely be accepted so sweetly!  If handwriting one just isn’t possible due to your hard to read chicken scratch, then typing love letters is okay too!  As long as the love letters you send come from your heart, it won’t matter what form they are delivered in, all that will matter is that they were in fact delivered!


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