Free Romance Compatibility- Do They Work?

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know how well you and your significant other complement each other by taking a free romance compatibility test?  Whether or not you laugh or are at awe at how closely the results resemble your relationship, at the very least, it certainly is a lot of fun! By finding out if you are compatible or not, whatever the results may come to show, you could turn the bad stuff into gold by using it as a tool in which to better communicate!

People of all ages, all backgrounds and from all over the world have taken several different types of compatibility tests for a variety of reasons. Some use them for entertainment, others for more serious validation. No matter what the reason you may have for wanting to have one performed, it is common, fun and best of all, can be one hundred percent free! But let’s stick to the matter at hand…do they work?

I read an article once where a guy was posing the same question and decided to take it upon himself to find out the answer. After searching for a few different types of tests, he plugged in his information along with his wife’s and was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the results of some of them were! In fact, he had even commented that the results of a few of the tests showed him special insights into his own behaviors and that of his wife’s and helped him to understand why they both do some of the things they do! With this new found understanding, he was able to moderately change some of his behaviors which in turn also changed his wife’s, and for the better. In a sense, it was able to help him identify some of the areas in which he could probably improve and opened up a new line of communication, thereby making his relationship with his wife even stronger than it was!

Another experiment was performed by a person signing up for a few dating sites who offered the compatibility tests. After taking the tests and compiling his answers, the dating site was able to match him with a list of potential love interests that held the same common interests and personality traits as himself! After looking through some of the profiles, he admitted that the test was great tool in helping him to find women who shared a lot in common with him and would be great potential matches. Of course this is only on paper so to speak, meeting someone in person can have a whole different feeling to it, but knowing in advance there is a lot in common can help ease the tension, especially from first date anxiety!

In the end, I would have to say that for the most part, free romance compatibility tests, charts and reports can be a great tool in helping to find or keep a wonderful relationship partner. The only way you’re ever going to know for sure if it is something for you is to take one yourself, and why not? It’s free!

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