Blinky Politics: How One Study Claims Election Prediction

Did you ever see or talk to someone that seems to blink more than usual? It may happen to you when a tight booty, big tittie sweetie saunters by and you blink like a cartoon character but some people do it for other reasons, namely nerves. Boston College psycho-physiologist Joseph Tecce studies political body language and when it comes to winning debates he claims that the candidate who blinks the most has lost every election since 1980, with the exception of one. George W. Bush won the presidency regardless of his blinky politics during the 2000 campaign,  however, surprisingly he did lose the popular vote which backed Tecce’s theory.

Blinking Red Flag

According to Professor Tecce (pronounced Tetch just in case you give a shit) in 2008 during the general election, McCain blinked 104 times per minute to Obama’s 62. Obama’s win perpetuated this theory based on how we instinctively react to stress through blinking. Rarely does someone know they are doing it and when witnessed, the observer also instinctively, yet subconsciously, feels as though something is wrong. In the case of politics, when people are trying to figure out the best candidate to steer their country, especially and most importantly in times of crisis, he or she who blinks the most send signals of weakness.

No Weight but Still Effective

If someone blinks more than usual it does not necessarily mean that they are less capable at their job it just may mean, well, they blink more than the other guy. However, it has long been a standing theory that the deep recesses of the brain emit ‘tells’, just like in poker, which are difficult to quell. Tecce says that regardless, in an election situation an audience seems to be consistent with their voting history as negatively reacting to the unnerving blinking. At the same time that very candidate may simply be under extreme distress due to trailing in the polls. Overall, people do not like shifty eyes and if blinking accompanies that cliché, politicians and speakers alike may want to take note.

Current Blinkies

Blinking results from the first 2012 Presidential debate have not been released although the debate itself seems to have swung in Romney’s favor (due to Obama basically phoning it in). Regardless, the numbers from both candidates’ convention speeches according to Tecce find Romney at 33 and Obama at 41 blinks per minute. Like golf, the less you have the more you win and therefore many candidates report being coached on blinking less in addition to being aware of threatening or misconceived body language. All it takes is one tiny misstep and bye-bye presidency.

Although, still only a theory, blinky politics continues to display positive evidence that may one day turn blinking speculation into blinking science. With two more Presidential debates on the schedule take a look at blinking patterns for yourself. See if you can decipher your own judgment beside the fact that the challenger is wearing special religious secret power underwear.


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