How to Get Her to Get Along with Your Mom

If you have a mom who is strong headed, controlling and somewhat insane here are a few pointers when your woman steps into the picture. How to get her to get along with your mom takes some wrangling but, if done right, could save you years of hell if you end up marrying this babe.

The Meet-n-Greet

Wait as long as you can before she meets your mom. Look for similarities between the two which will go a long way once they meet. If there are none, then be sure and inform her on what your mom enjoys so she can get an idea of what the fuck to talk to her about.

The Prep

Once you are ready to bring her into the hornet’s nest you will have to prep her as if she is going into a prize fight. Overbearing mothers can be cunning to the point of putting the quash on your relationship before it gets started.

• Let her know every quirk and/or annoying quality your mom has so there are no curve balls.

• Explain right down to the specifics on how to greet your mom so as not to threaten her. Is it a hug, handshake or kiss on the cheek that is appropriate?

• Tell her what to wear. If your mom is a savvy shopper, have your woman dress up a bit, if your mom is a down-to-earth country bumpkin, have her keep it simple.

• Give her conversation pointers, religious beliefs, etc. telling her what to steer clear from and what is fair game.

• Use physical signs you may want to agree upon just like a baseball coach to a base runner. If she gets cornered, a simply finger on the chin could be your signal to extract her from the enemy.

Never Abandon

The biggest pitfall a guy can make when bringing around a girl for the first time is being side blinded. It goes like this:

1. You arrive.
2. Your mom is on her best behavior.
3. You get comfortable and start messing around with your brothers, sisters, nephews, whatever.
4. She gets cornered by your mom.
5. Your mom pounces, insults her and the beginning becomes the end.

Never leave her alone with your mom early on. She may seem tough, but when stories of old girlfriends, how you don’t really like blondes or the time she caught you jacking in the basement to lingerie ads come out you might as well set your hair on fire.

How to get her to get along with your mom is essential from day one. Let your woman (potential wife) know she is number one and keep your mom in her place by taking her out to lunch once in a while, alone. Hopefully, if all goes well in the beginning, smooth sailing will follow.

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