Why She Might Be Mad At You

As a woman, I know that we are hard to read. Mostly because we don’t just fricking tell you what we WANT to say. For some reason we do this stupid guessing game thing and then get mad when you don’t even know what’s going on. Even I think its bullshit, yet I sometimes still do it; trust me, I’ve gotten a lot better. It’s hard to know why women are upset most times but asking is my best advice. Never accuse but just gently ask if she’s upset with you and why. Here are a few quick and commons reasons why she might be mad at you.

She’s on her period. Yes, it’s true; even though we deny it and get mad about your jokes, we really do hate out of spite. Just the thought that our time of the month is approaching is enough to set us off at anything you do. Hormones to blame or not, our monthly cycles get us in quite the rage and there isn’t much you can do to avoid it. No one said life was fair.

You aren’t helping enough. Doing chores around the house and running errands is a major part of your wife’s duties. Studies show that men who help out more with these things get more sex from their wives. A woman can feel tired and stressed after a day of caring for the kids, paying bills, doing household chores, and running around town doing errands. It really can feel like a full time job and if you just take the garbage out or do the dishes while she’s in the shower, she’ll definitely be mad less often.

Not enough time together. She may not even realize she’s mad at you for working too much or going out with the guys. Sometimes women don’t tell you they are mad because they don’t even know they are mad. It lurks deep in them and then gets let out in a fight. Make sure you’re giving her enough attention and not being overworked. You need time to help the relationship grow whether it is in the first year or the fortieth year.

Too much time together. To combat the previous statement, sometimes it’s the opposite. If you are together seemingly 24/7, besides when you’re at work, it can be overwhelming. If you have too much time together you can easily get on each other’s nerves and without knowing it, you will start to resent each other. Make sure she gets alone time for a bubble bath or wine night with the girls and that you take time to golf or watch the game with your friends.

Hopefully this helps you find out why she might be mad at you and what you can do to resolve it. Remember, sometimes she may not realize she’s acting mad and so asking nicely has its perks.

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