When It’s Time To Get A New Job

Well it’s true that no one likes their job, but what if you REALLY HATE IT? There are some of us who just get depressed at the thought of another Monday and going “back to the grind”. Sometimes there really is a difference between not enjoying work and truly loathing what you do for a living. Maybe it’s your boss, your hours, your co-workers, or something else, but you need to do a lot of thinking before you make the bold move to transition. Here’s how to know when it’s time to get a new job for good.

First: Ask yourself why you hate your job so much. Find out what makes it so horrible. Is your boss an asshat? Is your route to work long and grueling? Do you feel worthless selling door-to-door? Dig in and see why you dislike it. Then, once you do find out whether or not that will change at a new job. What if your next boss is even worse? What if next time you get put on midnights every other weekend? Are you okay with the unknown of a new job? No job is perfect so just make sure that the troubles you have are just at this job and won’t follow you elsewhere.

Secondly: Ask how much your job is affecting you negatively. Are you stressed, unable to sleep, easily agitated, or depressed? If you are any of the above and directly attribute it to your work situation, this is serious cause for concern. No job should leave you feeling empty or sad in your everyday life. This will harshly affect your family and personal life, altering who you are. Ask what would make you happy in your next career and start with that.

Thirdly: If you find out that you indeed would be happier with a change, make sure that you FIND ANOTHER JOB FIRST. This is very crucial. You cannot collect unemployment if you quit and it could take months to find a new start. You need to search for a new career or position while you’re at the one you’re currently at. Make sure you don’t waste your time with a bad resume. Update all your info and even have it professionally looked at.

Fourthly: If your family agrees that you should also move on, then it’s time. When you’ve done all the things listed above you are more than likely ready to move forward with a job elsewhere.

When it’s time to get a new job you’ll feel it. Just make sure you take all the necessary precautions and do it with ease and care. Also leave your current job on a good note for future reference… even if it’s killing you not to kick your boss in the nuts on the way out!

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