Why Women Love Facebook

Have you found yourself irritated with your spouse or girlfriend lately? Does she spend too much time on Facebook and the internet in general? Is it a big deal to her if you talk to her through Facebook and not just in person? Well there are very many different reasons your woman is addicted. Here are some main reasons why women love Facebook so much. Maybe this guide will help you find out if there’s a way to fix it or if you’re doomed.

Reason One: Attention. Let’s face it, women love attention. So much that they are willing to find it from complete strangers online. The fad of uploading mirror pictures or “selfies” isn’t going away soon. You can try to give her more attention but there is also a part of women who will always need attention from other men no matter what. Somehow, knowing that a stranger finds you attractive validates their self-worth and makes them happy.

Reason Two: Bragging. Bragging or “one-upping” friends is another reason women love FB. Getting to show off how much she’s accomplished is easy and fun to do online. Again, this all steams from “attention getting”. Girls like to slyly show that they have a great boyfriend, marriage, cute kids, a good job, lots of friends, etc. to girls they hate. It makes them feel good to know that a female they don’t like could be jealous of their posts and all their “happiness” in life. A way to remedy this is to try and make sure she is TRULY happy; a lot of “over-showmanship” comes from self-doubt and insecurity. When a woman is TRULY happy, she will tend to brag even less believe it or not.

Reason Three: Boredom. You may need to spice things up at home if you want her off of good ole FB. Women tend to stay online and surf the internet and places like Pinterest when there’s nothing better to do. Try and take her out of the house more. Play cards at home and get her out of the way of the blinding screen. Go for a jog, go out for a drink, or hit the gym more often. The more active a lifestyle you lead, the less she’ll have time for it.

These are just a few of the reasons she loves to be on Facebook She also loves when you post on her wall because all of her friends and family can SEE how sweet you are instead of her having to TELL them. There is something about proof in writing over her just bragging about you when you’re not there. Hopefully this helps you understand better why women love Facebook so damn much!

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