How to Tell if She is a He

Nowadays even the ugliest ass can look like the finest ass. The right makeup, clothes, perfume, hair and just about anything else deceiving can easily be put into action to reel you in. That is why it is important to approach ‘strange’ with open eyes so you can know how to tell if she is a he or not. Here are a few simple clues to help you spot a possible transgender blindside so you don’t go groping for a sweet female treat and end up with frank and beans instead.


A woman with a deep voice can easily make a man raise an eyebrow and look her way. It is usually sultry and sexy with real cock stiffening potential. However, now and again, if you listen real close you can sometimes hear the ever so faint male guttural grind that should get your ‘that’s-a-man’ meter spiking. Listen for anything that reminds you of how your crew talks and the he-she should be easy to spot.


If there is a shadow or it is real pock marked, those female steroids ain’t working.

Adam’s Apple

This thick thyroid cartilage that surrounds the larynx (voice box) is called the Adam’s Apple. Getting its name from the myth of a piece of the ‘forbidden fruit’ being stuck in Adam’s throat from the bible’s story of the Garden of Eden, it is prominent in most men but rarely seen in women. When you hear that hot blonde with the deep voice in the corner talking with her friends, look at her throat. If there is a fat, rolling Adam’s Apple front and center chances are there’s a fat rolling ‘something else’ between those legs.


Most women take care of their soft, cleanly manicured, long nailed hands that when they stroke your neck it is all you need to test the strength of your pant’s zipper. However, if she is a he posing as a she, those hands can be a dead giveaway. Look around at nearby guy hands (including your own), now look at the potential imposter. If they are short nailed, knobby, thick, veiny, scarred, short fingered and/or weather worn you just may have a sausage packer.


There are two boob giveaways for the he-she set. One is the flat chest. If they did not decide to get some fake funbags and instead have a muscular little titty looking man chest it could be a bad sign. On the other hand, if those bad boys are tight and right with two hard nipples in sight, it could be deceiving. If fake ones are bouncing, you may have to add in the other factors to decipher if she’s a he.


On average women do not stand above 5’7”-5’8”. When a man goes transgender the height can be hard to hide especially if is accompanied by broad shoulders.

Know how to tell if she is a he and the next time a tall, deep voiced, big or flat chested, thick handed, Adam’s Apple undulating, sweet looking babe saunters your way, look for the exit.

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