Tips on How to Make Your Relationship Work Better

You may have played grueling sports, excelled in challenging business ventures, achieved some of the highest honors but when it comes to dating or living with a woman, this may be the hardest thing you have ever done yet. These tips on how to make your relationship work better just might be what you need in your back pocket when you are ready to ditch it all.

The 90 Second Rule

All it takes is 90 seconds three times per day to keep her in your corner. According to Jim Fannin, expert advisor to CEO’s and couples alike, when you show a woman that she is your number one priority she will respond. Take 90 seconds in the morning to let her know you love her with a firm hug and kind words. At the end of the day when you re-connect after work, gauge her mood within another 90 seconds of undivided attention. If she approaches you with a smile and good energy return it, if she is grumpy or sad try to empathize with that as well. If you are sleeping together use 90 seconds before sleep to have ‘pillow talk’. Exclude kids, work or the past but rather listen to anything she is currently feeling to let her know you are there.

Reel in Your Comments

Men are notorious for under breath comments and over time when women hear enough of them it can create a huge strain. Making negative comments is like a sucker punch to sensitive female feelings so when you cannot control letting her know she is wrong, stop it in its tracks in your head. It all comes down to the golden rule, “If you do not have something nice to say, do not say anything.”

Look in the Mirror

If you have fallen into ‘relationship complacency’ then you will want to re-vamp how you may have let yourself go. Whether it is your weight, wardrobe or whining if you look in the mirror and see a completely different person than the one she originally met, it is high time to get back to the kinder, gentler, better looking you.

Change with Change

Many couples that breakup often comment on how each person just ‘grew apart’. More often than not it is one person that embraces change while the other stays stuck in the past. If you or she seems to be moving into new territories of experience either bring her along, join her or simply be encouraging. The minute you furrow your brown and stamp your feet is the minute you both begin to separate.

These tips on how to make your relationship work better can go a long way. It is up to you to try them and add to them so you do not have to start over with someone else who has just as much baggage as the one before.

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