6 Rude Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween get it together and be the talk of the party with one of these 6 Rude Halloween Costumes Ideas. Don’t wear a boring superhero, doctor or cop costume but instead make the most unusual, politically incorrect statement of “I Don’t Give a Shit”. It only comes once a year and if you spend most of your days tucked into a business suit or other mindless work thread, let your freak flag fly for once.

Woody Skeleton

Get yourself an entire skeleton outfit and rig it up your way by adding a skeleton woody. Cut a rectangular 9” swatch of black tablecloth, bed sheet, old shirt or felt and glue it to your costume crotch. Then cut a piece of white material in a bone shape with a separate ‘tip’ bone on the end and glue it on the black. Instant woody skeleton.

Get Cocky

Search around for a small toy rooster, hang it out of your zipper or top of your pants and, as you stroke its head tell everyone you are feeling a little cocky.

SNL Favorite

Most people have seen the Saturday Night Live Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake ‘Dick in a Box’ video. If you haven’t, tube it now. The costume is you dressed in a nice suit with a bow wrapped box attached to your crotch. This can easily be rigged by running a belt through cut slots in the back of the box and tying your belt on the side. Some ladies may want to open your present so if you dare, actually drop your junk through a hole in the back and make sure the top of the box can be removed.

Hot Holy Shit

Get enough brown felt or other material to cover your body (a good improvisation is a brown paper lawn bag with a hole cut out for your brain pan). Glue, paint and/or draw rising flames from the bottom. Add a brown cap and you my friend are Hot Shit. Go further and instead of the flames, cut holes in the material, put on a priest collar and guess what? You are Holy Shit.

Hands On

Find a picture or toy box cutout of animals big enough to cover your crotch. Even better, score a pair of farm animal patterned boxers. Sew, glue or string the picture to your jeans and if you found boxers wear only them with sneakers and a t-shirt or put them over your jeans. You now have an official petting zoo for all to try. Add a message on your t-shirt that says ‘Petting Zoo’ Females Pet Free.

Go Insane

Similar to ‘Dick in a Box’ but instead, the empty box or container attached to your crotch is from peanuts (or any other kind). Your costume is that you are fucking nuts.

Use one of these 6 Rude Halloween Costume Ideas and laugh at all the hilarious, horrified reactions while you become inebriated and act even ruder than your costume.

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