Pheromones: Find a Sexually Compatible Mate Without Artificial Fragrance

Human pheromones are odorless, but they are found in urine, perspiration, and sexual fluids. They are detected through the vomeronasal organ (VMO) located in the mouth and nose. This is why we can feel an animal attraction to some partners, and not others. There have been a number of studies conducted on natural pheromones. 19 females and 16 males were given a t-shirt to wear containing no synthetic fragrance. 15 subjects were given a t-shirt to smell, and then asked to rate its scent on sexiness and pleasantness. An additional 22 men and women had to rate the physical attractiveness of the subjects who wore the t-shirts, and there was a correlation of sexiness and facial attractiveness in the body odor of females. The correlation of sexiness and facial attractiveness in the body odor of males only seemed to occur when females were in a fertile period (days 5 to 16 of the menstrual cycle).

Many of us mask our natural scent by using synthetic fragrance, which include body sprays and aftershave. This has put a halt to healthy mating, since most people are attracted to our “synthetic scent” rather than our natural scent. Pheromones are in charge of seeking a partner whom we are sexually compatible with. There is nothing wrong with smelling au natural, it can even be quite sexy to leave a little to the imagination.

Use Pheromones to Seduce a Partner

Using pheromones to seduce a partner can be especially effective if you are in a long distance relationship. Use a small cloth to wipe your armpits, penis after a piss, and of course spray your cum all over it. Wait for it to dry and it will develop a unique scent. Send this to a partner as a horny treat. It may sound gross to go to such demands, but society makes a massive deal about smelling good to attract a partner, but it has clearly forgotten that the body has a natural way of attracting prey. Animals have no problem in seeking a sexual partner, so why have humans been drawn so far apart from such a natural process? Going au natural has turned into a case of bad body odor, but why do we feel more attracted to women at the gym? Primarily, it is down to our pheromones working on overdrive.

Pheromone Spray

The manufacturers of pheromone spray will tell us that, unfortunately, the body does not produce enough pheromones of its own to attract a mate. This is bullshit! If only the body were given a chance to produce its magic potion. Over cleansing the body can remove natural pheromones, but staying clean has been drilled into our brains. There is no chance of us meeting a partner if we smell even slightly sweaty, so we overcompensate with strong aftershaves. Even shower gels are laden with artificial fragrance. It seems like there is no escape. In essence, pheromones sprays are also synthetic, although there are many manufacturers claiming that they contain human pheromones.

However, it is easy to go au natural and give your pheromones a chance. Forget what other people think. You have more chance of finding a sexually compatible partner if you let your pheromones work for you.

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