How to go About Your First Tattoo

So you’ve felt the itch have you? Not the bad itch that means you’ve been sticking it where you shouldn’t, but that itch you feel when you want a tattoo. Inking your body is a huge choice and is not for everyone. If you are new to the game and ready to move forward there are some things you need to know and steps to follow before you sit in the chair and feel the needle. Here’s how to go about your first tattoo.

1. Make sure you are up to date on all your shots (immunizations) and even check with your doctor to see if getting a tattoo is okay for your body and skin type. Chances are everything is a go but making sure is always a smart choice.

2. Deciding what you want is CRUCIAL to having a good tattoo experience. Some people think about this decision for YEARS before going through with it. Even people covered in tattoos think this through and every one of them think ink pieces are a serious choice that they are hopefully still proud of. Make sure that you WANT your piece for life and are certain it is something that won’t change. Getting a band, friend or girlfriend’s name, or a fad such as tribal art isn’t a good idea; especially for tattoo number one.

3. Pick the location of your tattoo and make sure you’re comfortable with the spot on your body it will go. Think of every angle. How often do you want it to be seen, are you okay with it being on display or should you get it in a less high profile area? Also think about the pain factor if your tolerance is low.

4. Ask tattooed friends for help, ideas, suggestions, and advice. They will be able to tell you about pain, pricing, safety, and personal experiences.

5. Shop around for an artist. Look at their portfolios and ask what work they specialize in. If you are getting a colored piece or b&w, you’ll need to see an artist that does that best. A portrait is a piece that not may do well and that should be taken very seriously. Ask friends who they recommend and if you like their artwork, go with that trusted person.

6. Safety is the key and so you never want to do a tattoo outside of a shop or without a professional. The risk of getting infection or even a disease is much higher outside of a professional shop. Research places that have won awards go check them out in person, if things seem off, don’t go. Ask along an experienced friend to notice signs that are good and bad when you enter the shops.

7. Once you’ve gone through the proper steps you’ll want to book your appointment and trust that paying a lot for a tattoo is generally a good thing. Cheap or discounted artists and shops are cheap for a reason; they draw you in with “good” prices and then deliver “poor” work. This is PERMANENT and paying high is paying for a good result (generally).

8. Bring a friend along and play some music if you are worried about the pain. Take care of your tattoo and tip well.

How to go about your first tattoo is definitely important and should never be a spur of the moment event in your life. Research, think, prepare, and think again; then enjoy! Most people can’t just get one!

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