How to Tell Her You Love Her

The big 3 words we all want to say but can never get out… I love you. It’s a scary and exciting moment. Some would say that a spur of the moment “I love you” is the best and most genuine but the fact is, when you say it when you feel it, it may come out at a very unromantic time or get lost in translation. Having somewhat of a plan to tell the woman of your dreams you love her is best. Here are some tips on how to tell her you love her and hopefully have her say it back!

1. Think of ways NOT to say it first. First off, don’t say it when you are DRUNK; PERIOD. You never want to blurt out “I love you” during sex. She may already feel like you are not romantic enough and with not taking the three words seriously, you may spoil the moment. Also, you generally don’t want to say it in a very loud place. The risk of your words getting lost in the noise is too big of a risk. Thirdly try and avoid a hugely public place like a crowded restaurant. If she cries, she will be embarrassed at the attention drawn to her or she may hold back her true feelings. On the other hand, if she doesn’t feel the same, you’ll be publicly humiliated and stuck in an awkward situation.

2. Think of special places you’ve been and things you’ve done in your relationship so far and try to utilize them to your benefit. Where was your first date? If it was on the beach at nighttime with some wine, recreate that moment and choose that for your opening. If you don’t have a special spot, think of things she likes or pick a song you share. Get her favorite bottle of wine and rent a movie you both love or play “your song” while at home. Picking these intimate things you both share will help seal the moment in time and she’ll be talking about it for a long while.

3. When you finally are in the moment: BE REAL. Don’t be cheesy but don’t be blunt and short to the point. If you’re genuinely nervous, that may be okay to show a little bit; it shows you really care how she responds. Make sure you look into her eyes. Build up the conversation, tell her all the great things you love about her first and then tell her you love her. Give her reason to BELIEVE what you’re saying is true. Being pure and kind with good intentions and real emotions is imperative.

How to tell her you love her is a big moment in both your lives. You may be saying it for the first time ever or for the 10th but it very well could be the last girl you say these three big words too, so make it count. Believe it or not, you’ll want to look back on this moment and remember it just as well as she does.

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