How to Keep the Romance Going When You Work on the Road

There are so many men out there that have jobs that keep them away from their loved ones for long periods of time and very frequently. Whether you’re a truck driver or just travel a lot for your business, you know how stressful it can be to keep a strong relationship. There are many things you may not be doing for your loved one that could really help out in the romance department so here’s now to keep the romance going when you work on the road.

Skype. This is one of the top factors for keeping romance in being gone. If you have a laptop with a webcam, USE IT! Seeing each other on screen helps more than you think it will. You can start out with some basic conversations and soon those will turn into some sex talk. Eventually, if she’s up for it, she’ll even give you some sneak peeks and get naked for you. Webcam shows from your girlfriend or wife will help you feel less horny and help her get that attention she needs too.

Texting. Text messaging and sexting needs to be a constant when you’re gone. Make sure you have an unlimited plan and text each other as often as possible! Don’t just use it for updates or sexual pictures, make sure you tell her you love her, miss her, and can’t wait to come home. Ask her how SHE’S doing, what she did that day and how she’s been feeling without you.

Sending Gifts. If you want to keep the romance alive you need to think about sending her one gift for every time you’re away. Send her flowers to work or a bouquet of fruit and chocolates right to her front door. Being cheesy in this situation is even okay because she really misses you and needs a good laugh and smile; plus, either way, it shows you really care and are thinking of her while you’re gone.

Letting her Come. Once in a while if your job allows it, ask her to take a couple days off of work and join you on the road. We understand she may not be with you 24/7 but even staying in a hotel while you go to conferences will make her feel so loved and wanted. Then you can go to dinner at the end of the day and finish the night in the hot tub and with sex! She will be so happy you thought of this that she won’t even care you have to leave next week again without her. Do this once every 6 months or so to keep her happy and it will work wonders.

Leave her a Surprise. When you go out of town next time, leave her little treats all over the house and her car. Text her the first day and tell her to look in the glove compartment of her car and leave her a love note. You can tell her to look under her pillow the night you fly out of town and she’ll find a box of chocolates. Things like these are SO EASY for you to do and will make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Hopefully these tips on how to keep the romance alive when you work on the road will help. Be sure she knows you miss her just as much as she misses you and you’ll be alright.

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