Get a Bigger Penis: Do Male Enhancement Techniques Work?

Studies have indicated that the average penis size is approximately 5.1 to 5.9 inches long, and anything larger is a plus! The best way to measure your penis size is when it’s erect. Measure from the base of the penis to the tip with a tape measure or ruler. To measure the circumference of your penis, wrap a piece of string around the penis and then transfer this string to a tape measure or ruler. Penis enhancement surgery is often the most effective way to get a bigger penis, but there are others.

The size of a penis can vary greatly, so a very small flaccid penis may increase favorably when erect, compared to a penis that is already large when flaccid and only increases by an inch or two when erect. It was often believed that men with big feet had a bigger than average penis, but there are no studies to support this belief. However, three studies have shown that a long index finger can indicate a larger than average penis size.

The penis continues to grow up to the age of 21, so if you are not happy with your size, it may be time to accept this fact, or opt for surgery or other tools that can help you get a bigger penis.

Enhancement Techniques

  • Penis Pumps: There is no evidence to suggest that a penis pump will help you get a bigger penis, but training the whole body will increase your sexual confidence.
  • Sex Pills: Cialis and Viagra will not enhance your penis size, but they will sustain an erection for several hours. This treatment is perfect for anxious men who have sexual inhibitions.
  • Penis Enlargement Surgery (Phallophasty): Although this method is an effective way to get a bigger penis, it is also expensive and painful.
  • Butea Superba: This herbal gel is thought to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. When used repeatedly, it claims to give stronger, longer erections. However, this comes at a price, as this product costs around $45.00 per 100 ml tube.

Use Your Hands to Get a Bigger Penis

Why use a penis pump or opt for penis enlargement surgery when you can get a bigger penis with the help of your hands? The penis contains strong muscles, so it is only natural to use masturbation to increase its strength several times a day. When the penis is flaccid, stretch it downward several times, which will lengthen the structure and ensure its growth. When your penis is erect, massage and stroke the penis upward. You may notice an improvement in size after several months of consistent effort.

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