Women To Avoid: The 5 Types of Women Who Use and Abuse

Women often scavenge for male prey together, and they are picky. The majority of women seek out good looks, manners, confidence, good dress sense, and money in a man, but if you’re one step ahead of the game, you will notice the women to avoid. And if you’re a player, it doesn’t mean that you have to sleep with every woman who gives you the time of day. Remember, you have a choice of whom to date and/or bed.

  1. Miss Right: She always has to have the last word, which is not a good match for an easygoing guy. Sure, she may have supermodel looks and legs longer than Charlize Theron, but if she has a stubborn nature then she will be wondering why men run a mile. Miss right may never change, and don’t even try and challenge her because she is likely to blackmail you with no sex.
  2. Miss Intelligent: Some women can go overboard in this department. Brains and beauty may be what you seek in a woman, but when she turns touchy and confrontational, there’s no point in trying to explain your reasoning. What you want is a woman who makes you feel good, not one who has to belittle or judge another to feel superior. There’s no need to date such a woman, even if she says that this is her personality type.
  3. Miss Rebound: She’ll make you feel special and wanted. She’ll be pushing for something, even though she’s just ended a serious relationship. Miss Rebound comes on strong, which should ring alarm bells, especially if you’re seeking a short fling, but the opposite could occur and you may find yourself falling for her charms. She only cares about nurturing her desire, and she may well be using you to help her get over her ex, or even make him jealous.
  4. Miss Gold Digger: She’ll come across as sweet and attentive when you ply her with flowers, chocolate and gifts, but if she expects you to pay for everything, including her clothes, shoes and make-up, she’s a gold digger out for what she can get. A woman who’s into you will want to spend time together alone with you, not prefer to party hard every weekend. While she may have the looks of a trophy bird, remember that a high maintenance woman is not worth the patience, especially if she is a selfish madam.
  5. Miss Psycho: She will be constantly texting, emailing and phoning you for regular updates. After your first kiss, she’ll be logging into her Facebook account and changing her status to “in a relationship.” She may be pleasing on the eye, but she’ll bug you when you’re alone, with your friends, or with your family. She finds it impossible to spend time alone. She is likely to be jealous when you’re out on the town, and she will want to know exactly who you met. She is very insecure deep down, which manifests in her envy and her being untrustworthy. She may use sex as a weapon to keep you on her side.

These are the five women to avoid, but this shouldn’t put you off women for life. Be vigilant with your choice of partner. While it may take a while to find love, have faith that you will eventually find her.

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