Marijuana: Best Cooking Technique

Smoking weed is so 2010, now everyone is vaping and eating their brains into oblivion instead. Sure, a tasty rolled up spliff is a great old-school fallback but vaporizing and/or chowing down a green infused recipe gets you there cleaner, healthier and higher. Vaporizing is fairly easy but cooking takes some talent so lay down your next hit, put on a fluffy white hat, and start getting all baker-like with this marijuana cooking technique.

The Secret Ingredient

Many feel that using butter is the best way to extract THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound responsible for your skull fry) from marijuana. However, butter has all sorts of dirty potential as it can burn easier, contains antibiotics fed to the cow and leaves a slimy residue in your mouth after eating. The secret ingredient is virgin coconut oil. The ‘virgin’ label means it was made from fresh coconut meat and processed without chemicals. Although it can be high in saturated fat, coconut oil has been linked to weight loss, healthy skin, improved thyroid health and lowering LDL cholesterol.


The only way to extract THC is to enable it to bind to fat molecules. Here is the recipe for creating the perfect extraction:

• Fill a small or medium pot with about three or four cups of water and bring to a boil.

• Scoop three or four heaping table spoons of virgin coconut oil into the boiling water and stir until melted.

• Add a half or full cup of marijuana to the boiling formula.

• Reduce the flame and let simmer for at least an hour (longer extracts more). Stir and add water as the boiling water evaporates so nothing burns.

• Let cool.


You will need a cheese cloth, a rubber band and a medium size glass container with a lid. A cheese cloth can be found in most supermarkets. Stretch the cloth over the glass container and secure around the edges with the rubber band. Gently push down on the cloth making an indent deep enough to hold, but not spill, what will be poured into it. Pour in the boiled formula and leftover wet marijuana. Gently undo the rubber band, pull the cheese cloth up and together and squeeze the excess liquid out of the marijuana into the container. Throw away the cheese cloth and marijuana, secure the lid on the container and refrigerate overnight.

The Prize

The next morning open your container. The coconut oil should be separated from the water and now a solid block that looks like wax floating on top. Pop it out, rinse it off, discard the excess water from the container, wrap the coconut in plastic and freeze.

You now have the perfect THC infused cooking oil. Whenever you need oil to cook or bake, simply heat and reduce the coconut back to oil and put it into the mix. Try adding to sugar cookie batter and eating the batter, your head will explode. Remember, consumed marijuana has a much longer lasting high.

Be Safe and Get It Tested

Since more than half the states now have some form of legal cannabis, you should really consider purchasing marijuana that has been safety tested by a qualified marijuana testing lab. Each states will have their own rules and regulations, but as of writing this the state of Michigan has some of the most stringent safety standards as you can see by visiting this marijuana safety compliance facility in Michigan.

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