Get Even: The Best Way to Dump a Cheating Minx

If you have just discovered that your girlfriend has been cheating on you, it’s time to get even and play games with her head. Instead of throwing her out and calling her the usual words, why not keep quiet and give her a leaving present in the way of an explosive orgasm.

I know this might sound crazy, but this is one way to make her think about the love she lost. What you want to do is to create a memorable scene in her mind, long after you’ve disappeared from the scene. If you can turn her so wet that she writhes under pressure, and she holds her breath just before you caress her clit, you’re on your way to making her remember that she gave up the best sex of her life for one lousy fling.

Dominate Her

Lie her down, tie her wrists behind her back, blindfold her, and use your lips, tongues and fingers to create an explosion down below. Drape silk and other sensual materials over her body to stimulate her senses. If you don’t feel like kissing the cheating minx, just focus on building her up to a peak. Revel in the power that you have in creating her pleasure. She’s likely to be groaning your name, telling you exactly what to do, but don’t give in to her demands. Turn her so wet until she’s begging you to stroke her. Remember, you’re out to create such insane arousal that as soon as you untie her wrists and pull off her blindfold, she is ready to pounce on you with marathon sex. Unless you’re willing to give into the cheating minx, you could use her for one more night of hot lovin’, or you could tip her over the edge then throw her out. Either is optional, but remember that she broke your heart and she’s weak in the presence of lust.

The After Effects

Once you throw her out, she might feel weak and return to the man she cheated on you with. So what. The heart heals, but the pleasure that you just gave her will make her heart and sexual mind pine for you. When she makes love to him, she’ll be thinking of you. Women are weak when it comes to foreplay. She is likely to be in touch begging for you to take her back, for which you can tell her to take a hike and get even, or it could lead to a reunion months or years down the line, depending on your tolerance to forgive.

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