Her Sexual Mind: Turn Her On With The Right Foreplay

If you know how to turn on a woman, you can easily turn her into putty in your hands. She’ll be at your command if you know how to push her buttons. Knowing how to tease her sexual mind into action is the main aim of the game. Unfortunately, women are not born with a pleasure center that rises every time a sexy scene is on display, but she can be generously aroused with words, actions and attention. As long as you are making her clit twitch with delight, you’ll be guaranteed a fun night!

What Almost Every Woman Wants

Quickie sex may be popular in porn movies, but their aim is only to sell the product and make you come. What women want is a sensual lover who will attend to her clit, as much as she attends to your dick. Giving to receive pleasure is the best sex, as it is a selfless expression of love.

Stimulate Her Sexual Mind With Dirty Talk

Describe exactly where you want to touch her, with which body part, and exactly when, will stimulate her sexual mind onto thoughts of you. Women can effectively visualize exciting scenes, so if you can paint this picture, you’ll be setting her loins on fire and she’ll be dripping juices that will be sloshing against your dick later.

Foreplay Does Not Always Need to Start in the Bedroom

While she may not enjoy getting horny in public, there is something incredibly liberating about getting kinky in public. It doesn’t have to be a full on blowjob or intercourse, unless you’re both desperate to get it on. A passionate kiss can be so sexy that it arouses others, or you could rub her crotch under the table to turn her mind onto sex. Biting, sucking and kissing the nape of her neck is a hot erogenous zone to stimulate.

Stroke Her Until She’s Soaking Wet

If she has ever masturbated in front of you, you will know how she likes to be touched. Does she enjoy gentle rubbing over her clit, or harder strokes just before she climaxes? Indulge in a passionate kiss and slip your hand down her panties until she’s incredibly wet, gripping your dick, and moaning your name. You’ll be sure to have whetted her sexual mind with this move.

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