Female Memory: A Danger to Contend With

Most men have experienced (usually many times over) ugly detailed images and words they have been responsible for replayed back to them during a spat with their woman. It seems that female memory is like a continuously loaded bazooka ready to fire at any sign of losing a battle. You could simply challenge her on why she keeps leaving the cap off the toothpaste and end up getting a verbal dissertation of every annoying thing you have ever done since the day she laid eyes on you. This description will mostly be filled with how it made her feel rather than how it was just annoying and she wished you did not do it. The female memory is a difficult foe. Below is some research on the female memory as well as some pointers on how to deal with it.

The Elephant Factor

Just like the memory of an elephant, a woman is wired in such a way that she too can recall detailed emotionally events. However, never compare your woman to an elephant unless you want a dinner fork jammed into your scrotum. Researchers at Stanford University and State University of New York at Stony Brook performed a combined study that entailed scanning the brains of 12 men and 12 women. Each subject viewed specific images, some neutral such as trees, cars and bookshelves while others were of more emotional scenarios such as mutilated bodies and autopsies. What they found was that the women used different parts of their brain to process the emotional images as compared to the men. Plus, they were able to recall these images in much more detail, up to three weeks later. Lead researcher, Turhan Canli, explains, “It seems that integration of emotional experiences and encoding to memory is much tighter in women than in men.”

How to Combat Female Memory

With science explaining the reason your woman has such annoying memory recall in the middle of a fight, why not use some tactics to combat this? The next time you are in an argument with a woman understand that emotion trumps practicality. Therefore, do not try to be practical. Let her release her emotions while you remain calm. Then, validate her by letting her know you understand how she can feel that way. Tell her that you will try to be more aware of your actions. At this point, bring her back around to the original argument letting her know how it made YOU feel. She will be able to relate to this as it is a point being made using emotion. You may want to kill yourself by the end of this exchange but, if you get good at it, you will have a more copacetic relationship with her and any other woman in your life.

Do not take female memory lightly. It is a great advantage they possess so keep on your toes and do not let them get the upper hand.

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