Things to Text Your GF More Often to Earn Brownie Points

Do you ever wonder what you can do to make your girlfriend a lot happier? Do you ever seek easy and simple ways to earn brownie points and suck up to her? If so, there are some things to text your girlfriend more often that will earn you those extra rewards you are seeking. The happier a woman is, the more important she feels, and the more loved she is; the more she’ll repay you. When you pamper a woman with your words, she is more likely to reciprocate by her actions…meaning more sex, massages, and lovin’.

“I love You” is a simple text that, of course, you don’t want to overdo but that needs to be said daily. Saying I love you is a good way to make her smile with little effort. Saying it before she does is key. IF you always have to say, “I love you, too” it won’t work. Surprise her with an early morning text or right before you go to bed when she thinks the conversation is over for the night.

“I Miss You” is another simple one that you need to keep up with. Telling her you miss her may sound corny and unmanly to you but if you want those brownie points, you’ll need to swallow your pride. Go above and beyond and tell her WHY you miss her. Saying something like, “I miss you today. Work sucks and I wish I was at home with you instead” is a BIG move that will make her melt. Knowing that she’s YOUR comfort from a hard day’s work is worth a million words, and it only takes 20 seconds to text!

“I Want To…” take you to dinner, go for a walk tonight with you, see a movie on Friday when you get off of work… These are all very personal texts that make her know you want to spend time with HER specifically. It will make her look forward to your time together and be happy you’re thinking of those things while you’re not with her.

“You’re So…” beautiful, funny, perfect. Send her a text out of the blue saying what she is to you. Telling her she makes you laugh and you’re happy you’re with someone so funny is very intimate and will make her feel like a Queen. Tell her she’s so generous and you can’t believe she made you breakfast this morning… those are all good ways to ensure that you APPRECIATE who she is.

“Thank You” is another way to make her feel appreciated and loved. If you’re thankful for her, then she’s happy. Women want to be nurturing and we want to know that you LIKE that we take care of you. Text her to say thank you for a great time last night, thank you for the new c.d. or thank you for great sex! Yes, you can thank her for a blow job or a good massage too. The more you tell her how much you cherish those things, the more she’ll be willing to do them.

These things to text your girlfriend more often to earn brownie points is easy and fast. Be honest and sincere with her and don’t overdo it. Make sure she knows how much you love and respect her and you’ll get the attention you’ve been looking for.

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