Step-By-Step Birthday Guide for the Woman in Your Life

A woman’s birthday is by far the most important day of the year. If you’re dating or married you know the stress that can be tied into the birthday gift and what you have planned. Nothing ever seems good enough for her and you’re always left being judged and “letting her down” when it’s all said and done. But what if you found a foul proof way to start celebrating her birthday? Here we have a step-by-step birthday guide for the woman in your life that will mostly (if not ALWAYS) work!

Morning: Make sure you wake up an hour before the birthday girl. Make her some breakfast in bed and serve it to her on a platter. You want to make sure that this is a romantic breakfast and not cereal and toast. Go the extra mile to get her in a good mood from the beginning. Morning is also a good time for the card. Pick out a funny and light hearted card for your woman and let her open it as she enjoys her breakfast. Making a nice mimosa is also a good idea {orange juice and champagne}.

Mid-Day: By now you should have a girl that’s in a good mood and off to enjoying her birthday. If neither of you work (which is ideal), take this time to make sure she gets showered and ready and then tell her you have to leave by a certain time. Take her to her favorite lunch place or even scout out a new joint you haven’t been to before. Enjoy an intimate lunch date, just the two of you. Here is where you present her with her gift number one. Lunch is a good time for a starter present like a bracelet she can wear that night or just a fun thing that she’s been wanting for a while.

Evening: You should have planned this part way ahead of time. Make sure you have a close group of friends on the list for this evening’s events. Now is a good time to plan something fun and romantic as well. Go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and follow up with a concert or comedy club. Don’t just go out to the bars and hope it’s enough. Planning a trip to a different and new venue will make this day memorable to her. While at dinner, give her the last “sentimental” card and make sure you write more than just, “Love, Jack”. Make it meaningful and at least a paragraph long. Then give her the big present. A necklace or even those dance lessons she’s wanted to take.

When you go home, make sure you have told her how great she looked all day and ask if she enjoyed her birthday. She deserves to feel like a princess and if you treat her like one, she will treat you like her prince. Hopefully the day’s hard work will lead to her getting in her birthday suit! You can also throw in a last minute massage to seal the deal! Hopefully this step-by-step birthday guide for the woman in your life will help you defeat all your fears of letting her down.

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