How To Save Money And Still Enjoy Football Season

It’s here, the NFL has come and every man in America is slowing shifting his Facebook profile picture to his favorite football team’s logo. The fridge is becoming stocked with beer, the excuses start flowing about why he can’t go to the zoo this Sunday, and he won’t be attending church until February. If this sounds like you, you’re probably pretty damn excited right now but the truth is, the football season can leave you very broke. It costs a lot of money to enjoy football Sunday and MNF the way they were meant to be enjoyed. So here are some ways on how to save money and still enjoy football season.
1. BEER. Listen, you can find an 18pk of PBR for as low as $10 at a good store or you can pay up to $8 more for your favorite beer. Slowly shifting your taste in beer to more reasonably fit your budget is going to be one of the best ways to save. Also, think of going to back to old school and every other Sunday grabbing two 40’s from your local liquor store. 40 oz. beers (especially malt) are high in alcohol volume and very inexpensive. When you buy chips, dips, and every other snack type, go cheap and off brand to save some extra money.

2. Food. Having a BYOB and BYOF party is a good way to still enjoy all the delicious football snacks and not break the bank. Ask each attendee to bring their favorite dish for the NFL season and then supply one or two of your own. Make sure to tell everyone to bring beverages. Don’t worry about sounding cheap, this is common practice among football parties and should be commonly accepted.

3. Entertainment. Going to the bar is where you really lose your money. Not only is beer expensive but you can easily get stuck in a “round-for-round” buying theme with your buddies. You may also get caught up in buying shots for every touch down or snack on their expensive fried foods and pizzas. Pick the games you go to wisely and try to only go to one a month, maybe two. Stay at home for the rest and enjoy the game in your boxers.

How to save money and still enjoy football season is actually pretty simple. Just don’t overdo it and do NOT indulge every weekend. Pick the big games to really go all out and surround yourself with good friends every time so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Also, check out cheap jersey sites online to get some good sportswear that won’t empty your wallet.

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