6 Tips on How to Stop a Hangover

You did it again. It was a night of severe pounding at the bar. You knew better but now it is too late and your head feels like a large woman with a stinky vagina is sitting on it. Below are 6 tips on how to stop a hangover to print out and put in your wallet for the next time you start acting like an irresponsible, liquor guzzling dope.

Hydro Man

C’mon, it is the golden rule of drinking. Get yourself a crystal clear glass of cold water with a nice wedge of lime, lemon or orange and sip or guzzle that sucker in-between drinks. When you drink and do not hydrate the sensitive tissue in your brain pan shrink creating pressure that will ultimately create a real fucking skull pound.

Chow Down

Okay, we all know the habit of drinking on an empty stomach to get the most high out of your alcohol but it really can hurt your system. It irritates the lining of your stomach as well as your intestines and will make you a much sloppier drunk. Eat some food before throwing down the sauce and get a nice slow buzz that will have you giggling all night long.

White is Right

Keeping your drinking on the light color side can avoid struggling with a hangover the next day. Congeners are compounds created during fermentation of things like red wine, whiskey and dark rum which have been associated with putting a vice on your head. Stick to vodka, white wine and other light colored drinks.

Pop a Supp

Certain supplements can help combat a hangover. Drop a 500mcg vitamin B-12 dot under your tongue before heading out. Do the same the next morning. Other helpful additions include charcoal capsules to absorb toxins, Vitamin C to repair tissue damage and garlic capsules (or whole) which contains the amino acid S-allyl-cysteine that neutralizes acetaldehyde, a toxic metabolite created by alcohol consumption.


Do anything you can to stay out of bed when you are suffering from a hangover. Getting into fresh air will fill your oxygen starved, alcohol soaked brain cells and begin to heal your system a lot quicker than watching cartoons while swimming in your own putrid stench.

Go Bananas

Bananas (and spinach) contain potassium which is very helpful in replacing lost electrolytes. Eat banana pancakes or a spinach omelet as eggs contain taurine which has been shown to possibly reverse the liver damage you caused by simply bending your elbow one too many times.

Use these 6 tips on how to stop a hangover so you can avoid some unnecessary pain the following morning. Be the guy that calls up your buds the next day with a happy voice that will make them want to know your secret (or kick your ass).

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