Simple Tips for Going Green

Anyone that thinks our planet is doing just fine has probably been toking on some serious weed. From landfills to global warming man has been raping this land since day one and now, unfortunately, we are in an unsustainable soup that is quickly spiraling the drain, Fortunately, there are some simple tips for going green as concerned groups, businesses and random citizens step up to the plate to attempt to reverse the damage that has left scars all across our landscape. The problem is that there are still a large amount of ignorant dopes that continue to act like spoiled, entitled three-year olds walking around with the notion that somebody else will take care of the problem. If you are one of these then get your head out of your ass and do your part, if not, then open the eyes of these sleepwalkers and drag them onto the going green agenda.

At Home

It all starts the minute you slam down that alarm clock and crawl out of bed. According to the American Forest and Paper Association, the average American uses over 748 pounds of paper per year. So instead of using paper towels or wiping your ass until it bleeds think twice about the paper products in your home.

• Replace as much paper as you can by using dish towels and purchasing toilet paper that is not extra soft (this uses virgin wood, extra energy, more chemicals and additional water to produce).

• Do not let the water run when you brush your teeth. This wastes gallons per year and, before you know it, it will become just as scarce as oil.

• Get some smart power strips and save on vampire power which is a small percentage of electric that is continually wasted. These look like regular multi-plug power strips however they have a unique function that will stop the electricity from constantly flowing to your appliances/electronics when it detects that they are not in use.

• Recycle – Duh?

Out of Home Green

The waste continues as you head to work. Make sure you think twice before you join the unnecessary environmental debacle around you.

• No Bag – Refuse a bag for your purchased item that can simply be placed in your own bag, briefcase or backpack instead.

• Carpool – Get together with friends or co-workers and reduce your fossil fuel carbon footprint by chipping in for gas and driving together to work.

• Bike – If you can, get yourself a bike and helmet to join the zero emission crowds.

• Local Fare – Support local farmers and reduce the environmental impact of foods that are transported from afar using unnecessary energy and sift through extra hands that could cause contamination.

These simple tips for going green are only a small example of how to support your planet. Research more ways you can get involved on a minimal or maximum level and be sure and grab a few lazy ass buds to do the same. Keep in mind, chicks dig social responsibility.

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