When Cheating May Be Okay

No one wants to be cheated on, hands down. However, there could be times when cheating is okay. Mankind has been partaking in infidelity ever since the skinny cavemen was left back to help the women during the hunt and ended up going balls deep in someone else’s musky, hairy cave lady snatch. If you are going to dip it when you also have it at home here are a few reasons that may offer a free pass.

She Stepped Out

She may have stepped out and felt it necessary to tell you. You may have heard it through someone else or, worse yet, walked in on her glomming some dude’s pole. If your relationship survived her slutty step out and all is good most would say you have a free pass in your back pocket. It is a dangerous game that never ends well but, if you keep it to yourself, just one time, it could set you straight in your head.

The Pussy Gates Have Closed

Some women shut down after a while. Whether it is after giving birth, body changes or plain old frigidity, if she has closed down the pussy gates for six months to a year and you cannot leave for whatever reason, you have every right to sniff someone else’s cooch.


This is probably one of the worst reasons when cheating is okay but sometimes it is justified. If you have the unfortunate experience of having your woman become seriously ill and she can no longer perform in the bedroom, there may come a time where you simply need some human connection outside the relationship.

What Happens in Vegas…

Travel begets some compromising situations offering an out of sight, out of mind mentality. Depending on how your conscious can handle it, having an opportunity to bring some strange back to your hotel room for some “My woman would never do that!” sex just may be the once in a lifetime (or more) relief you need. Who knows, maybe you can get a few pointers you can teach her when you get home.

The Hunt for a Third

Some women don’t want to admit it but deep down many fantasize about bringing another sweet smelling babe into the bedroom. If you get her to admit this then you have every right to go out and hunt down just the right sweetie.

A Bad Gift

According to Ashley Madison, a site dedicated to organizing affairs for attached people, their membership triples the day after Father’s Day and increases tenfold after Mother’s Day. This may mean that a bad gift can send her or you into another’s arms for some validated, uninhibited, much needed TLC. It also means that if your spouse is clueless for the tenth year in a row it becomes the last straw.

It is an individual choice when cheating may be okay and, if it happens, it just may be best to keep on the DL.

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