How To Handle A Crying Woman Without Getting Killed

It’s awkward, it’s confusing, and it’s somewhat annoying; it’s a woman crying! Yes, we know guys, it SUCKS how emotional we are; but nonetheless, here we are. When women cry it is very hard to know what to do. How do you handle such an emotional wreck? Where do you put your hands, your mouth, and your words? We don’t blame you, we wouldn’t know either. When women cry it is a scary moment in a man’s life but there is a way to get past the hurdle and bring her back to reality; here’s how to handle a crying woman without getting killed.

Ease Into It. Going into the situation aggressive is like yelling at a doe before you shoot at it. You’ll scare her away or make her get aggressive back. The only thing worse than a crying girl is a crying girl throwing things at your head. Stay away for just a bit until the fireworks are over; once she’s died down to a whimper, slowly approach her. Gently place your hand on her hair or her knee. If she accepts this act then sit down next to her and put your arm around her, pulling her into you for comfort.

Be Understanding But Rational. Try and give her a pep talk. Let her know you’re listening to her and you know how she feels. Then after she gets that you care, give her some advice. We want a man who will help us, not just baby us. Help her see the situation somewhat rationally and logically and tell her it’s okay to cry; then tell her how she can cheer up. Let her know she’s right for feeling sad (about whatever) but “see how it’s not so bad?” Give her a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dry Her Tears. The last step is to turn her head towards you, look into her eyes, and wipe her tears away. Give her a kiss on the nose and smile. Tell her she looks cute when she cries even though you hate to see her hurting. Sucking up at this point (even if she wasn’t crying about you) is a good thing. Take her out for ice cream or pour her a glass of wine.

Being gentle with a woman in pain is best. Remember we want you to care and want you to HELP us through this hard time. Don’t “give her space” just because you don’t want to deal with it. She will be hurt and unforgiving. Hopefully now you know how to handle a crying woman without getting killed; or hit in the head with a shoe.

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