3 Tips To Avoid Sports Injuries

Now that summer is coming to a close and the partying and lakes are nearing an end, you’re probably going to be searching for something to keep you active and busy while you pretend not to be depressed that the fall and winter are nearing. Many of you will pick up a baseball league in the fall or join a basketball league to play well into next spring. Hell, you may even pony up and get together a dodge ball team and of course there are those of you who will think about giving hockey a try this year. Whatever you decide to do, you need to make sure you’re safe and healthy before embarking on such an active lifestyle; especially if you’re not used to playing sports on a regular basis. So here are 3 tips to help avoid sports injuries.

#1 Always making sure you’re in good enough physical condition to play sports and do cardio is a must. When you’ve spent the summer drinking, boating, and all around lounging and tearing up your body, you can be more “out of shape” than you may think. Go into your doctor and have a routine physical exam and let him determine where you stand. If he gives you the go ahead then you’re all set. But make sure you still follow the other rules. If he gives you bad news, then at least you’re better off knowing sooner than later.

#2 Know the sport you’re going to be playing. Knowing the rules and ins and outs of the sport can be a huge factor in your sports injuries; or lack thereof. You want to make sure you know where to be and when, when on the field, court, or in the rink. If you’re new to a sport make sure you study up on it and do a practice run-through with friends before getting into an actual game against and opposing team. This will also help eliminate embarrassing moments.

Along with knowing the sport means always wearing the proper gear. Make sure you don’t act too tough; wearing pads and helmets can not only keep you injury free, but they can save your life!

#3 Stretching and warming up is crucial to not getting injured while you play ball. Getting your muscles loosened and warm will help prevent strains, tears, and pulls. Always do some light stretching and even jog for a few minutes prior to a rigorous work out or game.

These 3 tips to help avoid sports injuries should help you out immensely. Be smart, play save, and stay injury free.

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