Her Body Language: 10 Tips To Discover Whether She Likes You

Body language is far more powerful than words. In fact, body language accounts for ninety percent of the messages you portray to another. With this knowledge, read on to learn how to read her body language to discover whether she’s into you.

  1. Eye Contact: This is a biggie, since without her making eye contact with you, there is only awkwardness. On a date, you want to feel like you are making a good impression for a reason. If she’s a female pervert with one eye on you and another browsing the room for talent, she is a time waster and not worthy of your efforts.
  2. Lips: If she is into you, she will be desperate to get your attention on her lips. Men love lips anyhow, so if they are doused in lip-gloss and look seductive, her spell has already worked its magic. She may also sip her cocktail through a straw to draw attention to her pout.
  3. Enlarged Pupils: This is a huge sign of attraction, since she will not even know that her pupils have changed shape. She is obviously stimulated by what you say, and her brain is saying “hmm he’s interesting, I want to know more.” Incredibly, men are attracted to women with larger pupils.
  4. Breaths: You should be able to tell if she is taking shallow breaths if her belly and chest do not rise at the same time. Aim to relax her by keeping a good distance between your conversation.
  5. Nose: Not only is her sense of smell sharper in the morning, but it’s also the best way to seduce her with food. If you are especially good at baking, banana bread has shown in studies to improve blood flow to the vagina.
  6. Bust Size: During arousal, her breast size can increase by twenty five percent, plus women experience the “sex flush” during foreplay.
  7. The Menstrual Cycle: She is at her horniest two weeks after her menstrual cycle. She is more likely to pounce and dominate, but you must also take care to use protection, as this is also her most fertile period.
  8. Legs Crossed: If she has her legs crossed while she is conversing with you, this is a huge sign of her attraction toward you. She performs this move subconsciously in an effort to get closer to you.
  9. Mirroring: Obviously it will look rather ridiculous if she copies everything that you do almost immediately, so she will mirror you subtly, without it looking too obvious.
  10. Hair Twirling: She does this in an effort to get you to take notice of her elegant, kissable neck. She is imagining you dousing it with warm, seductive kisses.

You can now become an expert at reading her body language with the above tips. Enlarged pupils are the obvious signs of her attraction toward you.


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